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Titan Quest Immortal Throne Guide to Greater Artifacts (Part Three)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Part three of the listing of the greater artifacts in the online pc games of Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne continue on through the list to help players see what these items offer you in game.

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    Eye of the Heavens – This has a required character level of 30 and you’ll get the Tidal Wave skill which comes on in an attack where you smite your enemy with three jets of freezing water. It has 100% chance to pass through enemies, 280-300 damage, 400 frostburn damage over two seconds, 440-460 cold damage, and 50% chance to fumble attacks for three seconds. It has the stat buffs of +10% cold damage, +10% lightning damage, 10% cold resistance, 10% lightning resistance, and +15% damage to demons.

    Seven more artifacts are highlighted in this article of the four part series. If you haven’t seen the one of interest to you yet, it should be in one of these last two parts of this series.

    Final Breath – This artifact requires a character level of 40. It will give the stat buffs of+1 to all skills in spirit master, +38 undead damage, +9% attack speed, 30% vitality damage resistance, +15% vitality damage, and +10% to damage.

    Fury of the Ages – It has the required character level of 30. It will have the stat bonuses of +10% chance to avoid projectiles, +16% fire damage, 10% pierce resistance, 10% poison resistance, +5% shield block, and +8% attack speed.

    Glorybringer – With a required character level of 45, it has the stat buffs of an 8% elemental resistance, -21% dexterity requirement for both armor and weapons, +7% increased experience, +38% less damage from demons and undead, and +1 to all the skills in all the masteries.

    Hand of Gaia – It has a character level requirement of 40 and it gives +1 to all skills in nature mastery, -9% energy cost, +15% chance to avoid projectiles, +25 defensive ability, and +13% elemental damage.

    Heart of Earth – It has a character level requirement of 40 and gives the skill of Flame strike when you are attacked. Flame strike gives meteor damage for 2 meters, 100-120 damage, 180-220 burn damage over two seconds, and 190-210 fire damage. There are stat buffs of 30-60 damage, +14% fire damage, 25 to armor, 30% to fire resistance, and +28 to defensive ability.

    Kingslayer – There is a character level requirement of 35. The stat buffs are 15 damage, +1 to all warfare mastery skills, +36 to strength, 66 bleeding damage over three seconds, 9% damage resistance, and 40% stun resistance.

    This series is designed to inform and help anyone that is interested in the greater artifacts in Titan Quest. Feel free to print out and mark which ones you have and which ones you still need.