Supreme Commander 2 Experimental Unit Guide

Supreme Commander 2 Experimental Unit Guide
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Illuminate Power

The Illuminate’s ground forces tend to be a bit weak in the late game, but they make up for it with some very impressive experimental units. The Illuminate’s experimental units are in some ways comparable to counter-parts from the UEF and Cybran but also superior in certain ways. This guide will help you extract the most from your investment into the Illuminate’s experimental units.


  • HP: 13000
  • Cost: 620 Mass/2815 Energy
  • Anti-Air Damage: 500+ DPS
  • Laser Damage: 400+ DPS
  • Built at the Experimental Gantry

The only anti-air experimental in the game, the Airnomo reinforces the power of the Illuminate air force with an experimental unit capable of wiping out enemy gunships, bombers, and fighters. It is hugely effective and the only land unit which is capable of legitimately challenging a hoard of enemy aircraft. It does require a little protection, however, because its hitpoints are low for an experimental.


  • HP: 20000

  • Cost: 1500 Mass/5000 Energy

    Darkenoids attack with a large beam laser

  • Quantum Beam DPS: 375

  • Laser DPS: 150

  • Artillery Bomb DPS: 1000+

  • Built at Experimental Gantry

A hugely damaging air experimental, the Darkenoid can quickly level an enemy base. The main problem with the Darkenoid is getting to the base in the first place. It isn’t a fast unit, and it has no real defense against air units. Left unguarded, a small group of enemy fighters can simply pick it apart. The bigger problem, however, is the effectiveness of gunships. For the cost of a Darkenoid you can purchase 20 gunships, and to the gunships will probably be more deadly.

Loyalty Gun

  • HP: 18500
  • Cost: 1400 Mass/4810 Energy
  • Built by ACU or Engineer

One of the best defenses in the game, the Loyalty Gun can convert enemy units to your cause. It has a long range and is extremely effective against slower units. It is also very good at breaking stalemates in close quarters maps. The Loyalty Gun can cause the enemy defenses to pick themselves apart as you convert shields and turrets to your cause one by one.


  • HP: 26500
  • Cost: 750 Mass/2500 Energy
  • Built by Experimental Gantry

This is basically a version of the Magnetron which isn’t quite as powerful but can move. When put under heavy guard by a Illuminate land army it is effective. It’s disadvantage is that, unlike the Magnetron, it can only pull in one unit at a time. It also can’t pull in ACUs or other experimental units. It is still useful in spite of this, but not as great as it could have been.

Space Temple

  • HP: 18000
  • Cost: 1460 Mass/5175 Energy
  • Built by ACU or Engineer

A favorite Illuminate experimental and one of the best experimental units in the game overall, the Space Temple is capable of transporting units across the map through the use of a portal. The portal is the best surprise attack weapon in the game because, unlike the Noah Unit Cannon, it moves units in a large group making them harder to pick off one by one. The Space Temple is a must-have experimental for any Illuminate ground army.

Universal Colossus

  • HP: 50000

  • Cost: 1375 Mass/5250 Energy

    Illuminate experimental units

  • Eye Laser DPS: 500

  • Death Weapon DPS: Unknown, 10000 per shot

  • Death Claw Damage: Unknown

  • Built by Experimental Gantry

What an insane unit. The Universal Colossus has more HP than any other unit in the game by 12000. It is armed with multiple weapons which cause near instant death. Its eye laser is extremely powerful and count also outrange most units in the game. That’s all great, but what is even more amazing is the fact that the Universal Colossus is in fact not the most expensive experimental around. It is really quite hard to argue against building these if you’ve progressed to the late game because they are simply the most powerful experimental in the entire game.

Urchinow Assault Block

  • HP: 16000
  • Cost: 490 Mass/2100 Energy
  • Pulse Laser DPS: 500+
  • Artillery DPS: 80

Another great experimental unit, the Urchinow is basically a big, heavy tank. Like the Universal Colossus it is really quite amazing what you get in return for what you spend. This unit costs not even 500 mass, but it is capable of taking down most enemy experimental units and it can hover. It has excellent range, enough to outrange most defenses in the game, and does a lot of damage. Illuminate players going the land route should always add a few Urchinows to their forces.

Wilfindja Sea Hunter

  • HP: 8000
  • Cost: 510 Mass/2625 Energy

The Wilfindja is a strange unit for an experimental because it really does not handle direct conflict well. It only has 8000HP, yet isn’t that inexpensive. It is a flying unit, but has no defense against enemy fighters. The Wilfindja has no direct weapons, either, but instead uses attack pods. These pods can attack opponents a fair distance away from the Wilfindja. The problem, however, is that they’re not very smart. As a result the Wilfindja is difficult to use and you’re usually better of building Urchinows.

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