Supreme Commander 2: A Guide to Illuminate Land and Air Units

Supreme Commander 2: A Guide to Illuminate Land and Air Units
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The Illuminate Army

Without a doubt, the Illuminate army is the most unique in Supreme Commander 2. They have no navy, their tanks can float, and their air force has some nifty abilities.

Many players find this lack of straight-forward gameplay difficult and neglect the Illuminate, but their units are strong when played correctly. This unit guide will help you learn how to play to the Illuminate’s strengths.

Land Units

Yenzoo Tank

  • HP: 1500

  • Shield: 150

  • Cost: 40 Mass/100 Energy

  • Ground to Ground DPS: 60

The basic Illuminate tank, it is comparable to the UEF Rockhead. The Rockhead does become more powerful after upgrades, but the Yenzoo has tricks of its own, such as teleport.

Harvog Assault Bot

  • HP: 1200
  • Shield: 120
  • Cost: 44 Mass/105 Energy
  • Ground to Ground DPS: 72
  • Ground to Air DPS: 16

I don’t generally like Assault Bots and the Harvog isn’t any different. It quite a bit less durable than the Yenzoo but doesn’t do much more damage. The AA gun upgrade is close to worthless.

Fistoosh Mobile Missile Launcher

  • HP: 950
  • Shield: 95
  • Cost: 52 Mass/130 Energy
  • Ground to Ground DPS: 120

A powerful mobile missile launcher for taking down structures. This is a deadly unit on water maps because you can bombard the enemy and then retreat to the sea if their land units try to retaliate.

Crahdow Anti-Air Gun

  • HP: 750
  • Shield: 75
  • Cost: 36 Mass/ 90 Energy
  • Air to Ground DPS: 44

Nothing real special here. It is basically the same as the UEF mobile anti-air gun. It shoots down airplanes but isn’t good for anything else.

Bodaboom Armor Booster

  • HP: 500
  • Shield: 0
  • Cost: 58 Mass/150 Energy

The Bodaboom offers a straight health increase to nearby units. The increase does not stack. The Bodaboom tends to be more useful than a mobile shield in ground battles, but less useful against air or artillery attack.

Sliptack Mobile Anti-Missile

  • HP: 600
  • Shield: 0
  • Cost: 52 Mass/110 Energy

I think that anti-missile units are nearly useless. This is no exception. If you have a problem with enemy tactical missiles, destroy the missile launcher or build a shield.

Air Units

Vulthoo Gunship

The Illuminate air force is the best in the game

  • HP: 1450
  • Shield: 150
  • Cost: 75 Mass/175 Energy
  • Air to Ground DPS: 65

The Vulthoo is an average gunship by the stats, however, it can be upgraded with a flare defense which reduces the chance that it will be hit by anti-air fire. When upgraded with flares the Vulthoo becomes very tough to take down and arguably the best gunship in the game.


  • HP: 900
  • Shield: 200
  • Cost: 85 Mass/190 Energy
  • Air to Air DPS: 100
  • Bomb DPS: 24 / 37 (Upgrade)

The Wedoboth is comparable to the Cybran Gemini at the start, but like the Vulthoo it can be upgraded with flares. The flares make it the most durable fighter in the game. The Wedoboth also can be upgraded with an AOE bomb called Persistent Scorch Bomb which is very effective against formations of enemy tanks.


  • HP: 4000
  • Shield: 800
  • Cost: 180 Mass/430 Energy
  • Air to Air DPS: 20

This is your standard air transport unit. It has the same hitpoints, shields, and build cost as the Cybran and UEF air transports. Its only unique feature is the flares, which also apply to this unit and make it a bit more robust against anti-air fire.

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