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Supreme Commander 2 UEF Units: For the Empire!

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The UEF forces consist of numerous units which fill specific roles. All UEF players need to know where each unit falls into place in order to be as effective as possible. This UEF unit guide explains the purpose of each unit available.

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    Lead the UEF to Victory

    The UEF is all about specialization, at least at first. Their units tend to be rather plain, but can be upgraded to be extremely fearsome.

    This UEF unit guide covers all of the units which the UEF has access to in Supreme Commander 2. It includes information on hitpoints, cost, and approximate damage output.

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    UEF Land Units

    UEF Unit Guide Rock Head Tank

    • HP: 1500
    • Shield (Upgrade): 150
    • Cost: 40 Mass/100 Energy
    • Ground-to-Ground Damage: 60 DPS / 75 DPS (Upgrade)
    • Ground-to-Air Damage (Upgrade): 35 DPS

    The core of the UEF land forces, the Rock Head is a durable tank with good offensive firepower. Once upgraded it becomes an all-purpose killing machine.


    • HP: 750
    • Shield (Upgrade): 75
    • Cost: 50 Mass/115 Energy
    • Ground-to-Ground Damage: 10 DPS / 12 DPS (Upgrade)
    • Ground-to-Air Damage (Upgrade): 60 DPS

    A long-range anti-unit cannon, the Demolisher is weak as a kitten in direct conflict but has a long range and is capable of hitting numerous units. Demolishers are THE unit to build when in a stand-off situation in the early game.

    Titan Assault Bot

    • HP: 1100
    • Shield (Upgrade): 110
    • Cost: 42 Mass/100 Energy
    • Ground-to-Ground Damage: 70 DPS
    • Ground-to-Air Damage (Upgrade): 44 DPS

    Built for damage, the Titan is an inexpensive raiding unit. However, it is generally out-shined by the Rock Head, which is much more durable and doesn't do that much less damage.

    Meteor Mobile Missile Launcher

    • HP: 950
    • Shield (Upgrade): 95
    • Cost: 52 Mass/130 Energy
    • Ground-to-Ground Damage: 120 DPS
    • Ground-to-Air Damage (Upgrade): 44 DPS

    Another long-range unit, the Meteor does a ton of damage. It is however, only effective against stationary units and does no area of effect damage. It is therefore better at taking out an enemy who is turtling than it is at taking out enemy units massed at a choke point.

    Archanist Mobile Anti-Air

    • HP: 750
    • Shield (Upgrade): 75
    • Cost: 36 Mass/90 Energy
    • Ground-to-Air Damage: 44 DPS

    Built to kill air units, the Archanist is a cheap and simple way to counter air threats. The Archanist is not a very powerful unit on its own, so remember to build many of them. They are cheap, so it is possible to build a significant number quickly.

    UEF Land Units attack a Cybran base P-Shield Mobile Shield Generator

    • HP: 550
    • Shield: 400 HP
    • Cost: 58 Mass/150 Energy

    A powerful mobile shield unit, the P-Shield is capable of reducing the threat of long-range enemy units and enemy aircraft. They are a must-have if the enemy is focusing on long-range units, but is not that effective against normal tanks and assault bots.

    Sharp Shooter Mobile Anti-Missile

    • HP: 875
    • Cost: 52 Mass/110 Energy

    The only purpose of this unit is to shoot down enemy missiles. It isn't of any use unless you're for some reason being bombarded by missiles and have no other way to respond. I've never encountered such a situation in a multiplayer game.

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    Air Units

    UEF Commander Wasp Fighter

    • HP: 850
    • Shield (Upgrade): 200
    • Cost: 60 Mass/130 Energy
    • Air-to-Air Damage: 100 DPS

    The air superiority workhorse of the UEF, the Wasp is unique in that it can only shoot down air targets. It is the most cost-efficient fighter in the entire game, but UEF players need to be careful about how many they build. Going hog-wild on Wasps will leave you too vulnerable to ground attacks.

    Eagle Eye Bomber

    • HP: 775
    • Shield (Upgrade): 200
    • Cost: 55 Mass/ 120 Energy
    • Air-to-Ground Damage: 24 DPS
    • Air-to-Sea Damage (Upgrade): 50 DPS

    The Eagle Eye is completely overshadowed by the Broadsword. The Eagle Eye simply doesn't do enough damage, even with its Cluster Bomb upgrade, and unlike the Broadsword it can't fly under base shields to strike the enemy.

    Broadsword Gunship

    • HP: 1450
    • Shield (Upgrade): 600
    • Cost: 75 Mass/175 Energy
    • Air-to-Ground Damage: 65 DPS

    A powerful unit (despite being the least powerful of the gunships in the game) for attacking enemy armies and bases, the Broadsword has few weaknesses. It has no anti-air capability, but it durable enough that it can usually do significant damage before taken out. If you're going the air route in a multiplayer game this unit will be your primary source of air-to-ground attack power.

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    UEF Naval Units

    Mastadon Cruiser

    • HP: 3500
    • Cost: 260 Mass/500 Energy
    • Cannon Damage: 120 DPS
    • Missile Damage: 110 DPS
    • Ground-to-Air Damage: 130 DPS

    While a powerful ship, the Mastadon does seem weaker than the Cybran Salem. It costs a bit more than the Salem but has 1000 less HP and its cannons do less damage. However, the Mastadon includes a tactical missile launcher which, while largerly useless against moving targets (other ships and land units), can cause a great deal of damage to structures. This tactical missile launcher has the range of a battleship's main guns, so the Mastadon Crusier is a better base assault ship than the Salem (unless the Salem is given the land walking upgrade and is able to actually walk into the enemy base).

    Tigershark Submarine

    • HP: 2200
    • Cost: 100 Mass/250 Energy
    • Torpedo DPS: 60

    A power anti-ship unit, the Tigershark Submarine is probably the deadliest naval unit in the game relative to its cost. You can build five of these for less than the cost of two Mastadons. Like the Wasp, however, the Tigershark suffers from the fact it can serve no other role. Only build as many as needed to kick the enemy's navy out of the water as they are useless for assaulting enemy ground or air forces.

    Poseidon Battleship

    • HP: 10000
    • Cost: 450 Mass/1500 Energy
    • Cannon Damage: 400+ DPS
    • Ground-to-Air Damage: 40 DPS

    Among the nastiest ships in the game, the Poseidon is a battleship on par with experimentals in terms of both durability and firepower. It is a must-have for late game UEF navies because it can quickly dismantle enemy bases and has the range required to reach it. The only downside to the Poseidon is that its anti-air capability is weak, so it will need some protection against fighter/bombers and gunships.

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