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Supreme Commander 2 Unit Guide: Cybrans Rule, UEF Drools!

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Join the fight for Cybran independence! The Cybran unit guide gives players of Supreme Commander 2 all the information they need to defeat other players in any match of Supreme Commander 2.

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    Cybran Versatility

    SC2 Cybran Unit Guide The Cybran's niche in Supreme Commander 2 is versatility. Their units tend to combine functions rather than delegating them out to several different units. This is true of everything from the land units to the sea units and air units.

    This Cybran unit guide covers all of the units the Cybran can build and gives information about cost, HP, and weapons. This guide only covers normal units. Cybran experimentals are covered in the Cybran Experimental Guide.

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    Cybran Air Units

    Renegade Gunship

    • HP: 1450
    • Shield (Upgrade): 600
    • Cost: 75 Mass/175 Energy
    • Rocket Damage: 66 DPS

    The Cybran gunship isn't much different from the gunships of the other factions. It serves the same basic role of front-line assault against enemy ground units and bases. It is in that role extremely effective, and gunship rushes are a valid early-game tactic. It should be noted that the Renegade has two very important research upgrades in the same tree which increase weapon damage and fire rate. These increase Renegade damage to such an extent that it can often be more effective to rush later rather than earlier.

    Gemini Fighter/Bomber

    • HP: 900
    • Shield (Upgrade) : 200
    • Cost: 85 Mass/190 Energy
    • Air-to-Ground Damage: 25 DPS
    • Air-to-Air Damage: 100 DPS

    Cybran defenses prepare for an attack The Gemini is the basic interceptor for the Cybran and it also can function as a bomber. It is rather gimpy in that role, however, and is generally used just for air superiority. My opinion is that the Gemini is actually the worst air superiority fighter in the game. The UEF Wasp is only a little weaker and quite a bit cheaper, while the Illuminate Weedoboth is about the same but has some interesting upgrades. Even so, it doesn't matter. If you want air superiority you have to build these.

    Dragon Fly Transport

    • HP: 4500
    • Shield: 800
    • Cost: 120 Mass/300 Energy
    • Laser Damage: 14 DPS

    There isn't much to say here. The Dragon Fly is a run of the mill transport. If you need stuff transported you should build one. If you don't need things transported, don't build one. It can carry up to 15 units at a time, but can't carry experimentals.

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    Sea Units

    Salem Destroyer

    • HP: 4500
    • Cost: 240 Mass/500 Energy
    • Cannon Damage: 195 DPS
    • Ground-to-Air Damage: 75 DPS
    • Torpedo Damage: 60 DPS

    A general purpose killing machine, the Salem can do it all and do it surprisingly well. Its cannons do more damage than you'd expect from a basic-level unit and unlike the UEF Mastadon the Salem comes with anti-air automatically (the UEF has to research an upgrade). The Salem also has 1000 more hitpoints than the Mastedon, and yet it costs less.

    Executioner Battleship

    • HP: 9000
    • Cost: 450 Mass/1500 Energy
    • Cannon Damage: 210 DPS
    • Ground-to-Air Damage: 188 DPS
    • Torpedo Damage: 30 DPS

    Surprisingly, the Executioner doesn't do that much more damage than the Salem against other naval units. It does have over twice the range, however, and even better anti-air guns. Unlike the Salem, which tends to be superior to is UEF counterpart, the Executioner isn't as strong as the UEF Poseidon in naval conflicts. However, it should be noted that unlike the Executioner, the Poseidon's anti-air capability is extremely weak.

    Command Ship

    • HP: 7000
    • Cost: 400 Mass/900 Energy
    • Laser Damage: 60 DPS

    Essentially a carrier, the Command Ship is capable of building Renegade gunships and Gemini fighter/bombers. Unfortunately, that is the only thing it seems to do well, and because air units are already very mobile, and Supreme Commander 2 no longer has the fuel mechanic from the original, it is hard to understand what this ship should be used for.

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    Cybran Land Units

    Cybran land units take out a King Kriptor Brackman Artillery

    • HP: 800
    • Shield: 80
    • Cost: 50 Mass/115 Energy
    • Artillery Damage: 50 DPS

    A basic long-range artillery unit, the Brackman is good at providing fire support. It tends to be best against groups of units because it does area-of-effect damage which can hit a large group. For this reason it is best used against groups of enemy units rather than individual structures, which don't tend to be as tightly packed.

    Cobra Mobile Missile Launcher

    • HP: 950
    • Shield: 95
    • Cost: 52 Mass/130 Energy
    • Tactical Missile Damage: 100DPS

    The Cobra, compared to the Brackman, tends to be better at attacking stationary targets. It does more damage than the Brackman, but doesn't have an area-of-effect and the missiles move very, very slow. Anything moving will be impossible to hit.

    Loyalist Assault Bot

    • HP: 1100HP
    • Shield: 110HP
    • Cost: 42 Mass/100 Energy
    • Laser Damage: 89 DPS

    Cybran units attack an Illuminate base The meat of most Cybran ground armies, the Loyalist is very much oriented towards damage rather than towards durability. With only 1100 HP it is far behind the Rock Eye and the Yenzoo in durability. However, it does much more damage. In fact the Loyalist is really more comparable to the UEF Titan or Illuminate Harvog.

    Adaptor Shield/AA/AM

    • HP: 700
    • Shield: 140
    • Cost: 70 Mass/160 Energy
    • Ground-to-Air Damage: 90 DPS
    • Anti-Missile Damage: 7 DPS

    A great unit, the Adaptor combines multiple roles and greatly simplify Cybran ground forces in comparison to the UEF and Illuminate. Acting as a shield, an anti-air unit, and an anti-missile unit, the Adaptor provides superior defense and is a must-have for every Cybran player.

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    Cybran Unit Summary

    Overall the Cybran forces are very well prepared for any situation. Their air forces are on par with everyone else's, although the Renegade can become a bit more deadly due to some excellent research upgrades. Cybran land forces are flexible but somewhat weak in terms of hitpoints, which means the Cybran don't excel in slugfests. The Cybran navy is also better at doing damage than taking it, but the fact that their ships have access to research which allows them to walk makes them exceptional units.

Supreme Commander 2 Cybran Guide

The Cybran are one of the most powerful factions in Supreme Commander 2, but only if you master them. This guide to the Cybran will help you learn about their units, experimentals, and strategies.
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