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Supreme Commander 2 Guide: UEF Experimentals

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The UEF have some of the best experimentals in Supreme Commander 2. Old favorites like the Fatboy return and new units like the King Kriptor have arrived to wreck enemy bases. This experimental guide will help you get the most out of them.

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    Experimentally Speaking

    The UEF generally relies on highly specailized units to get the job done. This is reflected in their experimental units. Built to a goal, UEF experimentals tend to be very strong in one area but have weaknesses in others. This guide will help you get the most out of them.

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    Fatboy II

    • Fatboy II and friends HP: 10000
    • Cost: 600 Mass/2350 Energy
    • Damage: 300+ DPS
    • Built by Experimental Land Gantry

    The Fatboy II is one of the earliest experimentals available to the UEF. It isn't a good idea to rush it, however, because the Fatboy II is mostly a support unit. With only 10000 HP and limited speed it goes down quickly under direct fire. When placed behind your advancing mass of tanks however, it is an excellent experimental.

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    AC-1000 Terror

    • HP: 11350
    • Cost: 470 Mass/2500 Energy
    • Damage: 300+ DPS
    • Built by Experimental Air Gantry

    Another early experimental, the AC-1000 Terror is an extremely powerful anti-ground gunship. It is no good against air units, however. The Terror also has an issue with the fact that it isn't that much different from normal gunships, and so it is usually better to build individual normal gunships. There are exceptions to this - for example, powerful anti-air units like the AirNoMo are often better countered with the Terror than normal gunships.

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    C-230 Star King Extreme

    HP: 10000

    • Cost: 375 Mass/1925 Energy
    • Damage: 100 DPS
    • Built by Experimental Air Gantry

    This is an easy one. The Star King Extreme is used to transport experimentals. If you need to transport an experimental, this is the way to do it. Otherwise, it isn't of much use.

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    Atlantis II

    • HP: 16500
    • Cost: 500 Mass/2575 Energy
    • Damage: 250+ DPS
    • Built by Engineer or Commander

    A powerful battleship as well a mobile aircraft factory, the Atlantis II isn't bad for ship to ship combat. Its range isn't great, but its damage and hitpoints are good. It doesn't cost much more than a battleship, either. The lack of range severely hampers its utility however, and this makes building more than one a waste in most situations.

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    King Kriptor

    • UEF Experimentals HP: 37500
    • Cost: 1325 Mass/5210 Energy
    • Damage: 250+ DPS Plus "Death Ray" Weapon
    • Built by Experimental Land Gantry

    An end-game experimental, the King Kriptor is extremely powerful, extremely durable, and extremely expensive. It is essentially a base cracker. Technically speaking, a blob of units of equal cost will be more powerful, however, unit blobs can be severely screwed up by defenses at certain choke points. The King Kriptor, properly supported, can waltz in and put an end to the enemy's defense.

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    Mega Fortress

    • HP: 20000
    • Cost: 1000 Mass/3700 Energy
    • Damage: 600 DPS Air-to-Gounrd 120 DPS Air-to-Air
    • Built by Experimental Air Gantry

    Literally a flying fortress, the Mega Fortress can do a ton of damage and also can build air units. Why it can do that however, I don't really know - building ground units would be much, much more interesting. In any case, the Mega Fortress can be pretty nasty. However, its poor anti-air defenses leaves it vulnerable. The real problem with the Mega Fortress is that two Terrors will have more total HP, do more damage, and are cheaper to build.

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    Noah Unit Cannon

    • HP: 10000
    • Cost: 1500 Mass/5225 Energy
    • Damage: None
    • Built by Commander or Engineer

    Ah, the Noah Unit Cannon. Perhaps no other unit in the game is as absurd. The Noah Unit Cannon is basically a land factory, but it stores units and then shoot them. It is most useful for those who have delved deep into the land tree since those who haven't already researched some upgrades will be shooting very weak units. The Noah Unit Cannon can be a game changer, but it must be used carefully. Units which are fired are fired in a stream rather than a chunk. That means any enemy defenses which happen to be at the landing zone can destroy your incoming units one at a time. It is absolutely critical that the Noah be fired at a location where there are few enemy units.

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