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Beginners Guide to Starcraft 2: Protoss Observer

by: Simon Williams ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The eyes and ears of any Protoss force, the Starcraft 2 Observer is vital to your tactical understanding of the multiplayer battlefield. Bright Hub gives beginners the inside knowledge on these clever little spies.

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    Starcraft 2 Observer - The Basics

    The latest entry in Bright Hub's Protoss guide for Starcraft 2 sees us running the rule over the Observer.

    The job of scout may not be a glamorous one, but on a multiplayer map shrouded in the fog of war, any intel on your enemy's formations and disposition is of utmost importance, especially if they are targeting a specific build order from the off. The Starcraft 2 Observer fulfils that role for the Protoss. In this article, we'll discuss all the vital stats for the Observer, as well as passing on some important tips for beginners for keeping your drone alive and providing you with a constant stream of intelligence.

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    SC2 Protoss Observer Vital Stats

    Starcraft 2 Observer - Observer scouting Mineral Field Production and Properties:

    • Minerals: 50
    • Gas: 100
    • Supply: 1
    • Build Time: 40 secs
    • Produced By: Robotics Facility
    • Requires: Robotics Facility
    • Hotkey: B
    • Max Energy: 0

    Movement and Protection:

    • Speed: 1.88
    • Acceleration: 2.13
    • Hit Points: 40
    • Shields: 20
    • Armor: 0
    • Armor Type: Mechanical, Light
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    SC2 Protoss Observer Upgrades and Abilities


    Shields 1-3 (Upgrade for all of the Protoss units)

    • Level 1: (Minerals: 200, Gas: 200, Time: 140 secs)
    • Level 2: (Minerals: 300, Gas: 300, Time: 170 secs)
    • Level 3: (Minerals: 400, Gas: 400, Time: 200 secs)
    • Required: Twilight Council

    Air Armor 1-3 (Upgrade for all Protoss air units)

    • Level 1: (Minerals: 150, Gas: 150, Time: 140 secs)
    • Level 2: (Minerals: 225, Gas: 225, Time: 170 secs)
    • Level 3: (Minerals: 300, Gas: 300, Time: 200 secs)
    • Required: Fleet Beacon

    Gravitic Booster

    • (Minerals 100, Gas: 100, Time: 110 secs)


    • Permanently Cloaked: The Observer unit becomes permanently cloaked from the enemy.
    • Detector: the Observer unit can detect the presence of any hallucinated, burrowing or cloaked enemy units.
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    Starcraft 2 Observer Strategy Tips and Tricks

    Starcraft 2 Observer Strong Against:

    Vulnerable To:

    Protoss vs Protoss

    Observer units are essential for scouting out the true strength of your opponent, his troop allocations and building units throughout the game, as well as divining other essential information about the map. Avoid getting in too close, though, as Photon Cannons can detect and easily eliminate Observers. Steer well clear of aerial units such as the Phoenix, especially when combined with an Observer of their own, as they can quickly pick of these units.

    Protoss vs Terran

    Similar tactics apply when utilizing the Observer against a Terran player: scout and monitor troop formations, but don't get in too close, as the Observer's outline can shimmer and give the game away even when cloaked. Missile Turrets will cause the same issues as Photon Cannons, while the EMP round of the Ghost will disable an Observer's cloak, leaving it a sitting duck.

    Protoss vs Zerg

    Subtlety is again the order of the day versus Zerg. Watch out for Overseers, which can detect the unit, especially in formation with Mutalisks on Observer-hunting missions. The Infestor's Fungal Growth ability has the same effect as the EMP, making this unit visible just long enough for it to be destroyed.

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    The Starcraft 2 Observer is vital in teasing information out of the fog of war and identifying strategic objectives when playing Protoss in Starcraft 2. Deploy them with subtlety and you can find yourself with a massive tactical advantage over your opponent. Stray too close to their main formations, though, and you may find yourself giving the game away.