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    • Playboy: The Mansion
      A smart and sexy video game, that takes business simulation games to a whole new level of fun. With Playboy: The Mansion you take the role of “Hef” and your duty is to keep your empire trough a series of missions around the Mansion aided by no other one than the Bunnies.
    • Submarine War Mission with Silent Hunter 5
      Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic is a submarine simulation game with the wonderful underwater campaign missions and warships based on the World War II. The simulation game lets you play the role of the boss of a U-boat where you have your own crew to deal with the underwater warfare.
    • Clutch Review
      Clutch is a simple, pick up and play video game that allows you to enjoy the thrill of driving combined with the joy of eliminating mutants. Clutch is a little over-priced but includes a nice variety of events, challenges and environments for you to enjoy.
    • America’s Army: Operations Review: Inspiring Millions!
      With so many military FPS games mushrooming in the gaming world, a realistic military sim game was on the cards. The dream of creating a true-to-heart military simulation game materialized in the form of America’s Army. And this time, there was no biggie developer but the US Army itself!
    • Rise of Flight: The First Great War Review
      Rise of Flight: The First Great War takes the flight simulation genre to new heights with an amazingly-realistic flight model, wonderfully-detailed planes and environments, and WWI air-combat that sets the bar higher for realism in flight simulations.
    • Heroes of the Pacific Game Review
      Heroes of the Pacific is a simulator that puts you in the cockpit of the fighting planes that defeated the Japanese in the Pacific theater and brought peace to the world. You get to fly 36 WWII aircraft against intelligent opponents during Midway, the Coral Sea, Wake Island and Guadalcana.
    • Black Shark PC Video Game Review
      Black Shark is one of the finest flight simulating titles ever made for the PC, with depth that makes Eve Online 's economic system look simple, and a realism that makes me come back again and again. The pilots that I know and have tried Black Shark tell me its pretty close to the real thing.
    • The Most Popular Truck Simulation Game:18 WoS Haulin
      18 Wheels of Steel Haulin lets you become your own company owner and lets you hirie/fire drivers and buy/sell trucks. Do delivers to different cities and expand your trucking business.
    • Descent: Freespace 2 - One of the Best Space Sims Ever Made
      A standout among space sim games, Descent: Freespace 2 was one of the last great entries into a dying genre, and became an instant classic due to its realistic mission structuring, massive starships, and gripping storyline. Freespace 2 demonstrated the full potential of the space flight sim genre.
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