The Roads of Rome - Game Strategy and Tips

The Roads of Rome - Game Strategy and Tips
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About The Roads of Rome

In the Roads of Rome you play General Victorious, a man who has loyally served Rome for many years. You are in love with the Cesar’s daughter and want to marry her. Unfortunately, the Cesar is not too fond of this idea and sends you out on a difficult mission. You must build roads, structures and find resources for the glory of Rome. If you succeed in your quest, you will gain the favor of the Cesar and win the hand of his beautiful daughter.

Game Play Strategy

The Roads of Rome screenshot

Roads of Rome is a time management and city building style game. Each of the 40 levels in the game has specific requirements that will need to be completed before time runs out.

To complete your tasks you will need workers, food, money and resources. At the beginning of each level you start with one worker. Tasks that can completed are marked on the game screen with a green or red icon. If the icon is green, that means that you have enough resources to build it. A red icon indicates you are missing a resource item or have not begun building an item.

Delegate tasks to a worker by clicking on items you would like them to work on. The worker will complete the task and then go back to their home if nothing else is assigned to them. Workers will also need food to continue working. These can be obtained by clicking on fruit trees or building a farm to raise animals.

Improve your resource output by building a sawmill and/or quarry. Once in place, wood and stone will continuously be processed without having to assign any of your workers to the task. When resources have been processed at these facilities, the items are placed in front of these buildings. However, the resources will need to be collected by your workers in order for them to count towards your available inventory.

Once all tasks required for the current level, the game takes you to a summary and ranking screen. Faster times can earn a gold, silver or bronze banner. Failure to complete a level results in having to repeat it.

Other Tips

  • Increase the number of workers by upgrading their home.
  • To earn the highest ranking and score, keep your workers busy by constantly assigning them to tasks. However, do this efficiently by being wary of how much resources, food and money you have available. Watch the icon report that is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Watch out for predators. On occasion, a wolf may appear that will frighten your workers. Get rid of him by clicking on the wolf multiple times.
  • Sometimes you will need to remove barriers from an area before you can complete certain tasks. These items (like boulders, fallen trees etc) will not be marked by icons but can be assigned to workers by clicking on them directly.
  • Speed boots can be found on certain levels. When collected by a worker they will give all workers a speed boost temporarily.