The Most Popular Truck Simulation Game:18 WoS Haulin

The Most Popular Truck Simulation Game:18 WoS Haulin
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18 Wheels of Steel Haulin

This game is now admired by a lot people in the world because it is the best selling in its series. Not only is it best selling in its series, it has the best graphics and realistic features to it. The concept of the game is very simple and not hard to learn at all. The game level, headquarters, and user name are selected at the main screen before you start the game. There are only three levels of difficulty to this game which I will explain. 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin difficulty range can be selected from easy, medium, or hard. In the easy selection you get $50,000 to start off with and no debt on you. The medium difficulty selection starts you off with $20,000 and no debt. Last but not least the hard selection starts you off with $20,000 and some debt on you.

Once you are done completing the selection at the main menu, you can start the game. The that game will make you start at the place where you picked your headquarters at. Then once you start, you take your truck to a local company and get work. NOTE: Each difficulty starts you off with a different truck. Some of you may be confused if you

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need to buy a trailer in order to get work, the answer is no it is not needed becasue whatever load you take from the company, the company will provide a trailer for you. Then you can start your deliveries.

Once you do about three deliveries to one place, you can go to a local hotel that is near your delivery routes and see if you there is any driver that you can hire. Normally it should be three deliveries to get a driver at the hotel but I may be wrong. Once you meet a driver at the truck stop you can hire him for a weekly wage. After or before you hire him you should have a extra truck bought from a dealer but if not all you have to do is go there and buy one. Buying a truck for the drivers should be cheap but it is your decision how much money you want to spend on buying a truck. You can keep on getting new drivers and expanding your company.

18 Wheels of Steel Haulin Controls

If you have playing a trucking simulation game before like 18 Wheel of Steel Haulin you should be familiar with the controls but if not they are very simple to memorize.

To accelerate truck: W

Turn truck left: A

Turn truck right: D

Reverse/Brake: S

Wipers: W

Journal/Notebook: N

Jake Brake: B

Parking Brake: SPACE

Outside/Inside Views: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Map: M

Cruise Control: C

The great thing about 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin and some other trucking simulation games is that they can be compatible with some racing wheel like the Logitech MOMO or the Logitech G25. These racing wheels can make the game more realistic because it lets you control the truck with a steering wheel, which is very neat.