Real Estate Empire 2 Offers Up A Great Set of Time Management Games For Any Taste

Real Estate Empire 2 Offers Up A Great Set of Time Management Games For Any Taste
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Love Real Estate Games?

Real Estate Empire 2 from Rusty Axe Games offers up a great little casual game that any time management game lover will enjoy. From money management to building games fun, Real Estate Empire 2 offers a pleasant gameplay balance. Want to find out what you can enjoy from this casual strategy game? Here is our gamer’s review of Real Estate Empire 2.

StoryLine (3 out of 5)

Just like most time management games, there really isn’t much of a main storyline that goes with Real Estate Empire 2. Instead, there are smaller storylines, such as you inheriting your uncle’s trailer park, that you will play through in each level of the game. The storylines will affect how you play, as each one will have you doing something different, from simply buying two different houses to owning every building in the city. While each different level has it’s own story line, it does all tie into your character’s life and each one impacts your character in a different way. As far as storylines go, it’s a bit hard to put a real in-depth one into time management games, which is understandable. I did like that the developers provided a good back drop for each level though, as it gives you motivation and reason behind the different strategy games in the game.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

The gameplay in Real Estate Empire 2 is pretty good for casual time management games. There are several different levels, and each level has three different difficulties that you can try your skills at - which I really liked. Once you beat a level, you can always go back and replay it on a harder difficulty, upping the replay value of the game. Now, the lower levels are pretty easy as you’re learning the ropes of the game itself. Once you get past those first couple of levels, the game gets harder, even on the easy mode. I personally like this touch, as I prefer to have a challenge to get past, not just an easy ride through the game.

I do like the fact that each different section of the game has several different levels in it, and each of these can be played on any of the three different difficulties. As you get toward the last few levels, the game gets hard enough that you really have to stop and think before you make a move so you don’t mess up later on. And, the overall gameplay is pretty diverse, as you go from nice quiet neighborhoods to the Big Apple to a trailer park and so on. It makes the game interesting.

The basic principle in the gameplay is simple: earn money and complete your goals. Each level has different goals, such as own four houses, have three 5-star houses, have six renters with good or better history, and so on. You also have a “Hurry Month” button so that you can get the month over quicker, pay your bills, take in rent, and so on. But, I found that this can also hurt you if you use it too much.

One thing I didn’t like about the gameplay is that the map is small. I personally like a huge game board where there are more than enough houses or buildings to buy up instead of just ten or so. So, I do wish that the developers had made each level a bit bigger, but it’s not a deal breaker for me as the gameplay is good.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

The graphics in Real Estate Empire 2 from Rusty Axe Games are very similar to Build-A-Lot with a bit more detail. I do like the fact that the game itself is pretty colorful, but not in an overly-cartoon way. I also like the fact that there are icons below each of the houses you own to show you which are rented, how happy your renters are, and so on. The graphics also move smoothly, I didn’t notice any problems or glitches when things are popping up or when anything is moving in the game. Everything is also pretty easy to read and see, nothing is too small or too blurry. Yet, nothing is so complex that younger gamers couldn’t play this time management game as well. You can see from the screen shots below that the graphics in Real Estate Empire 2 are good and how they do resemble Build-A-Lot.

Screen Shots From Real Estate Empire 2

Sounds and Audio (3 out of 5)

There aren’t too many different sounds that you’ll come up against in Real Estate Empire 2, just the music and some basic alarms. The music itself is pretty normal video game music, I do wish that they had spiced it up a bit - maybe changed it for the different levels or something. And, while the other sounds (people moving in and out and so on) aren’t as good as I would hope, I do like that when your renters pay their rent, it sounds like you’ve hit a jackpot at the casino.

Overall Impressions (4 out of 5)

Overall, I did enjoy playing Real Estate Empire 2. It’s not a blow you away type of casual time management game, but it’s a great little strategy game that I think most gamers will enjoy. It’s also a great game for families to play, as younger gamers will be able to play and enjoy this one right along parents. There is nothing here that you wouldn’t want your kids to learn or see, and it’s fun to play. I would recommend that gamers that love time management games or building games head over and try this one out.