Saints Row 2 Codes for Weapons in Xbox 360

Saints Row 2 Codes for Weapons in Xbox 360
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Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 is a 2008 action adventure release put out by Volition and THQ that is very similar to the Grand Theft Auto series of games. It is a sequel to the Saints Row game released in 2006. The game carries an ESRB rating of M for its violence and suggestive nature; it definitely caters to the adult gamer. Make sure that young children don’t get this game.

If you are wanting to alter your gameplay with the help of game cheats for it, these will negate your achievement earning capacity, so keep that in mind. If you want to still proceed to use them, you pause the game and go to your cell phone, hit “dial” and then enter the number given with the pound sign first. Then hit “call”. If you did it right there will be a message and then you can select it in the “cheats” section as an unlocked function. These are the cheat codes that will give your character weapons or help in weaponry for the Xbox 360 console.

Just remember when you go to use these cheats, you’ll be voiding your chance to get achievements. Obviously earning achievements with the help of cheat-spawned weapons, vehicles, and other assets lacks challenge. Earn your gamerscore legit and use these codes for playing around the sandbox afterwards.

Codes to Spawn Weapons

Open up the pause menu and go to your cell phone. You should be given the chance to input a number to dial. Of course these aren’t actual phone numbers, that would be too complicated. Hit the # sign first to make sure the code enters properly, then enter one of the codes below. The weapon will spawn in your armory and you’re free to wield it against whoever you see fit.

  • #920 will get you a 12 Gauge Shotgun

    Saints Row 2 combat

  • #921 will get you a 44 Shepard

  • #958 will get you a XS-2 the Fully Automatic Shotgun

  • #969 will get you a Pimp Slap Foam Middle Finger

  • #957 will get you a Vice 9

  • #922 will get you a AR200– SAW-type machine gun

  • #923 will get you a AR50– X8-type assault rifle

  • #924 will get you a AR50 Launcher X8-type assault rifle w/grenade launcher

  • #925 will get you a AS14 Fully Automatic Shotgun

  • #926 will get you a Baseball Bat

  • #927 will get you a Chainsaw

  • #928 will get you a Fire Extinguisher

  • #956 will get you a Tombstone

  • #955 will get you a Tire Iron

  • #954 will get you a T3K Urban

  • #953 will get you a Stun Gun (a Taser-style weapon)

  • #952 will get you a Sledgehammer

  • #945 will get you a Pipe Bomb

  • #946 will get you a RPG

  • #947 will get you a RPG Annihilator

  • #948 will get you a Samurai Sword

  • #949 will get you a Satchel

  • #950 will get you a Shock Paddles (defibrillator like “weapon”)

  • #951 will get you a SK-9

  • #942 will get you a NR4

    Saints Row 2 screen003-1-

  • #938 will get you a McManus 2010

  • #939 will get you a Minigun

  • #940 will get you a Molotov Cocktail

  • #941 will get you a Nightstick

  • #943 will get you a Pepper Spray, Mace

  • #944 will get you a Pimp Cane Shotgun

  • #929 will get you a Flamethrower

  • #930 will get you a Flashbang

  • #931 will get you a GAL 43 Uzi-type Submachine gun

  • #932 will get you a GDHC

  • #933 will get you a Grenade

  • #934 will get you a Holt 55 fully automatic pistol

  • #935 will get you a K6 Krukov

  • #936 will get you a Knife

  • #937 will get you a Machete Knife

Other Codes

Saints Row 2 BASE jumping

Of course a large number of other codes exist. The list above is simply the list of weapons you can spawn for yourself and the code you need to dial to spawn them. While that gives you all the firepower you could ever ask for, there’s still a few things missing. Money, for instance. Maybe you want to give yourself a few grand? Go ahead and look over at our general codes guide here. These codes can give you anything from money to better melee damage, to infinite sprint. They can mess with the world, by making car collisions heavier with higher impact, or making all the innocent citizens of the city fight each other in a constant civil war.

That’s not all. You can also go check out our vehicle guide. After all, what good is all that firepower if you’re still driving around a terrible car? Use the vehicle codes presented in the article to spawn a variety of awesome rides, and rule the city in style.

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