Saints Row 2 - Ultimate Cheat Codes PS3

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Revel in the violence and mayhem in Saints Row 2 for PS3. One of the best qualities about Rockstar games is the freedom players have to roam the streets causing general chaos. In this Saints Row 2 cheat code and tips article you’ll learn cool codes to rule the streets. Secret tips for unlocking items, achievements, and additional guidance.

Saints Row 2 Cheat Codes & Secret Tips

Killing The General

When facing the General in the mall take the reserved rockets to blast his armored Bulldog. Then quickly shoot him with the weapon of your choice until he’s dead.

Secret Islands

There are five secret islands hidden slightly off the west coast of the prison called Bones, Super Secret, Ship Wreck, Lookout, and Ruins. When you find Ruins Island look for another island with an X mark. A hidden easter bunny and teleportation ring is there.

Quick Vehicle Entrance

When in pursuit or a hurry simply jump on top of a vehicle and press the Triangle button for instant access.

Go Up The Walls

Feeling a little stir-crazy, no problem. Ride your motorcycle up building walls. It takes a little practice. Complete a wheelie, begin to press against the wall, hold Up and slam on the gas.

Destroying Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine in the factory can be defeated by using rockets on his voodoo doll to push him down. Slam the doll to shatter his shield. Then you can fire at him until he comes to the lower bottom level. Finish him off before he does his ritual.

Zombie Uprising

A great method is to use the flaming zombies as a weapon. Allow the them to chase you into a crowd of zombies to set them all on fire. The extra kill counts for you.

Homies Trailing Behind

Find three fellow homies and locate a vehicle with only two seats. When you get in the car and wait the other two will jump in a car and follow you. This secret works with motorcycles as well.

Teahouse Brawl With Akuji

When facing Akuji in the teahouse press L2 to counter his attacks. Eventually he will fall down, stab him repeatedly until he’s dead.

The Taser Execution

Save your ammunition during this task by taking a human shield, changing to taser and hit L2.

Murder Maero

To murder Maero at his hideout slap him one time with an RPG. When he falls shoot him. Finish Maero off by exploding all of the surrounding trucks with rockets. Take your rifle ammuniton to fire at his Monster Truck.

Feeling Lonely

Get a blow-up doll by going north from the lighthouse on the prison island. Enter a big sewer pipe with graffiti written along the sides. There will be a blow-up doll on a dirty mattress waiting.

Defeating Veteran Child

Load up on plenty of ammuniton before entering the club to face Veteran Child. You’ll find stun grenades near the pillars between Veteran and Shaundi. Fire away until he’s defeated.

Unlockables & Cheat Codes

In the Playstation 3 edition of Saints Row 2 items, powers, and other elements can be unlocked by locating your phone book in the game and dialing the numbers listed below.

Total Health

Cheat code - #1

Never Die

Cheat code - #36

Pimp Slap

Cheat code - #969

$1000 Cash

Cheat code - #cashmoneyz

Unlimited Ammo

Cheat code - #11