Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough - General Tips for Keeping the Zombies Off Your Precious Complexion on the PS3

Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough - General Tips for Keeping the Zombies Off Your Precious Complexion on the PS3
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General Tips for RE5

First of all, lets just get one thing out of the way. They are Zombies, and you are still human. Ultimately this leads me to my list of general tips for Resident Evil 5:

1. Press A and hold Back on the control stick. This will wheel you around 180 degrees giving you an excellent opportunity to RUN AWAY! This isn’t your average run-n-gun shooter. This is a stop and pop shooter, therefore you will need to keep putting distance between you and the hordes of zombies if you hope to survive.

2. Staying near your co-op companion is essential (especially in the harder difficulties).

3. Make those shots count, because lets face it, there are more zombies than there are bullets.

4. Your knife is as useful as a can opener. Use it merely to open crates or if you need to finish a guy who already has a shotgun casing in his chest, and a bullet in his brain.

5. Sharing is caring. When playing with another human, try to use weapons that use different ammos, if you cannot reach a consensus, be kind about ammo. A friend without ammo is as useful as his knife, and if you read tip # 4 you already know that he is the weakest link.

6. The magnum is only a useless pistol until you get unlimited ammo, until then you should expect to be carrying around an empty pistol for most of the round.

7. Play with a buddy! The AI is an ammo waster, and isn’t all that bright. The AI wont get in the way, but they sure wont be the MVP of the match either. Play online, or find a real human to split that screen.

If you are looking for a review of Resident Evil 5 to see what you’re in for, look no further than here.

2009 Year of the Zombie

Stop and pop, why are gamers so upset about RE5?

There was a lot of internet buzz when a developer let slip these words, " Run and gun " in reference to the type of play Resident Evil 5 implements.

Let me clarify briefly. To a Japanese developer who is used to the older Resident Evil games, where merely walking backwards was out of the picture, the type of movement in RE5 is run and gun. To an American teenager playing COD4 all day, run and gun means full speed Quake style action.

This difference in thinking led to a lot of controversy (By controversy I mean bloggers and gamers everywhere(Mostly America) were upset) about the controls and feeling of RE5. However this was the way Capcom intended us to play: to be afraid of stopping.

Shoot to re-kill.

Get off me!

This will happen in Resident Evil 5, so when you get grabbed by a zombie and it suggests that you wiggle, waggle your left analog stick do not panick, merely move your hand into an upright position, with your palm facing the controller. Put the analog stick in between two fingers and waggle your arm. This will give you much better results than your poor thumb working all on its lonesome.

Another good way to keep zombies off you in RE5 run past them. You cannot move quickly while going backwards, so often it is smart to hold A and run towards more zombies, if only to turn down another path for a moment of safety.

Gold digger?

Guns, and upgrades. Money, cash, and treasure. Its all we are ever really looking for in life - and in RE5.

So in case you didn’t know, when you pick up a treasure in the campagin, you do not need to finish the level in order to keep the treasure! My favorite level? 5-2 because theres a lot of power heart treasures you can pick up, and then just restart the level for more money!

Its not really a glitch, its just that you don’t need to keep playing if all you are searching for is the gold.

Unlockables in RE5

There is quite a bit of content that needs finding, and unlocking in Resident Evil 5. To see a detailed article on how to get and find all those things, stick around and view this page. That article goes over how to unlock, and what there is to be unlocked. Best of luck hunting down those emblems and game modes. If that doesn’t have what you are looking for, we have pretty of resources here at bright hub, take a look here for other information regarding unlockables.

I may not have a chainsaw, but …

Remember, its all in the hips.

The best advice I can give to playing Resident Evil 5 is to stay calm, aim for the head, and don’t get too cocky. Many times my co-op teammates would ruin the round thinking they were Captain America, charging head first into a pile of live zombies. The best way to systematically kill everything is to allow them to come to you. Set traps with mines, or get them moving in a bottle necking motion.

However bosses are often a totally different story in RE5 and should be handled differently. With Bosses, find their weakpoint and exploit it, while dodging and running like your life depends on it.

Wesker is best shot from behind while he is focusing on another teammate, even though he dodges mostly everything he still takes damage. Just use your teammates, and play pickle with bullets.