Ultimate Guide to Unlockables in Resident Evil 5 for Xbox 360 and PS3: Unlock Weapons, Costumes, and Unlimited Ammunition

Ultimate Guide to Unlockables in Resident Evil 5 for Xbox 360 and PS3: Unlock Weapons, Costumes, and Unlimited Ammunition
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Resident Evil 5 is the latest game in the long running survival horror series from Capcom. Incorporating many of the innovations from Resident Evil 4, the series’ fifth installment takes the gameplay even further forward by including new innovations like co-op and online play.

Like previous games in the series, RE5 has a plethora of cool unlockable goodies for players to acquire. Most require players to complete the game more than once. With a game this good, that’s hardly a chore.

Game Completion Unlocks

Beat the game once under any difficulty to unlock the following bonuses:

  • Alternate costumes for both Sheva and Chris. Chris dons a zebra-striped safari get up and Sheva wears a blonde wig with her “Clubbin” outfit.

  • The “History of Resident Evil” mode, which allows you to delve into the secrets and plots of previous games in the series.

  • The “Infinite Ammunition” option. Once you’ve fully upgraded a weapon in the game, you earn the option to purchase unlimited ammunition for it in the “Bonus Features” section of the game using the points you earn for completing missions.

  • The ability to play through the game as Sheva instead of Chris.

Beating the game also unlocks two new modes, the “Mercenaries” mode, where players kill hordes of zombies for high scores, and the “New Game+” mode, giving players the ability to start a new game with all the items and upgrades from previous play throughs.

Other Completion Bonuses

Players who manage to beat the game in less than five hours (“S” ranking) will unlock the Infinite Rocket Lau

Resident Evil 5 Screenshot

ncher. Yes, now you can defeat most enemies, even bosses, with just one well-placed RPG shot.

There are bonuses associated with competing the game under the various difficulties, as well. Beat the game on Amateur difficulty to get the “Classic Horror Filter” option, beat it on Normal to get the “Retro Filter” and manage to get through the whole story on Veteran difficulty to unlock the “Noise Filter” option and the Professional difficulty setting.

B.S.A.A. Emblem Costumes

Unlock two alternate costumes by finding and destroying the B.S.A.A. emblems hidden throughout the game. Collect 25 emblems to unlock Chris’ “S.T.A.R.S.” outfit and 30 emblems to get Sheva’s “Tribal” costume.

Unlockable Bonus Weapons

Fully upgrading specific weapons will unlock special weapons for purchase from the in-game store. Unlock the Gatling Gun by fully upgrading the VZ61 machine gun. Get the Hydra triple-barrel shotgun by fully upgrading the Ithaca M37 shotgun.

Sheva’s longbow is unlocked by fully upgrading the S75 hunting rifle. Get the M93R pistol by upgrading the M29F handgun and the Smith and Wesson M500 Magnum (better known as the hand cannon) by maxing out upgrades on the Smith and Wesson M29 Magnum.

Mercenaries Mode Characters

Chris Redfield

There are eight unlockable characters for the game’s “Mercenaries” mode. To get them, simply earn a ranking of “A” or higher on the corresponding mission.

Unlock Chris in his safari outfit on “The Village,” Chris’ S.T.A.R.S outfit in the “Experimental Facility” mission, and Jill in her Battle Suit on the “Ship Deck” mission.

Get Jill in her B.S.A.A. outfit with a good ranking on the “Public Assembly” mission. Get Sheva in her Clubbin’ outfit on the “Ancient Ruins” mission and her Tribal costume on the “Missile Area” mission.

To use Wesker in Mercenaries mode, get a high rank on “The Mines” mission for his Midnight outfit and “The Prison” for his S.T.A.R.S. outfit.

These awesome unlockables really keep the game fun through multiple playthroughs. It’s amazing how much a simple unlockable like unlimited ammunition can change the game. It’s really amazing how much visceral fun you can have with an unlimited rocket launcher.

Resident Evil 5 is an amazing game on the first playthrough. With these unlockables, it becomes one very fun round of zombie extermination after another.


  • All screenshots and references from Resident Evil 5.