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Resident Evil 5 Mods
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Turning Horror Into Modified Fun

If there’s one thing a lot of people probably didn’t think Resident Evil games have become popular for, it would probably be for mods. Now, modifying a game doesn’t just extend it’s lifespan and fun-factor, it can also, sometimes, completely alter the way the game is played, so much so that it becomes a completely different game in some cases. For Resident Evil, there are some super-talented folks out there who managed to create some really worthwhile, noteworthy mods that will not only shock and surprise you, but will also get you feeling like a giddy little school girl who just seen Justin Bieber walk by…yes, some of the mods are just that good.

This Resident Evil 5 mod guide will walk you through obtaining some of the coolest mods out there as well as how to get them working so that you can take advantage of things like split-screen modes, brand new moves and weapons, as well as four-player versus and co-op.

The Benefits of Modding

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A lot of people are afraid to mod their games, especially newbie PC gamers, because there’s the fear that something might get screwed up, something might not go right or your computer may catch on fire and blow up your house in slow-motion like a Michael Bay film. Well, that sort of stuff could only happen back in the 1990s, so there’s no need to worry about living out of a cardboard box because you typed in a ‘1’ instead of a “0.”

GTA IV iCEnhancer Mod

Modding is pretty easy and usually it helps an old game feel like a brand new game due to graphical enhancements, sort of like the iCEnhancer for Grand Theft Auto IV, which almost makes the game look like real-life in some cases; or messing around with total conversion mods, like the Hall of Mirrors for Max Payne 2, which turns Max into Preston from the movie Equilibrium and adds all sorts of cool gun-kata techniques.

For Resident Evil 5, I’ll just say that the mods open up all sorts of awesome possibilities depending on what you’re looking for out of your gameplay experience. Are you looking to enhance the multiplayer component? Bring a few new weapons along for the ride? Alter Chris and Sheeva’s outfits more to your liking? Maybe even add a new mode?

You might be surprised at what you can find.

Hitting the Right Places

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You want to make sure you’re not wasting your time going in circles at websites only aimed at getting you to view ads or to take surveys or to click on paid links to keep you there as long as possible. You want to avoid sites like that as much as possible. If you click on a website for mods and you’re getting the run-around, just leave and spare yourself the agony of being circumvented from your actual goal.

Now, one way of avoiding dead-end websites is to simply click on the links below, each offering some unique and useful mods for the game:

This is File Planet’s mod section for Resident Evil 5. It only has two mods, but for those looking to enhance and/or alter the visual quality of Capcom’s action-horror title, then you’ll find a useful ENB Series mod available at File Planet. The ENB Series is an independent project consisting of graphics enhancements via shader manipulation. In other words, games that didn’t look so great before can look even better with realistic colors, shadows and sometimes lighting effects. Simply download the file and copy the contents into your main Resident Evil 5 directory.

This website is a message board-based modding site that has all sorts of useful mods for Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. You can find model conversions, skins, re-textures and even game modifying mods here, such as the four-player versus mod. Some of the mods you’ll definitely want to check out are located in the RE5 section under Mod Releases. Some of the most popular and easiest to install are the Cerebus RE5 Gun-Shack mods in the Reskin Modification sub-section. For the multiplayer mods, such as split-screen and four-player, simply head to the Other Modifications section and you’ll find the multiplayer mods with a sticky at the top of the page.

This site here has a ton of mods for all the Resident Evil games as well, some more or less than what you might be expecting. In order to access the mods you’ll need to register on the forum board first. After that, simply sign-in and scroll down to the Resident Evil mod section to scroll through the mods.

Installing Mods and Backing Up Your Info

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Before installing any mods you’d be wise to back up all your data. If you don’t have hard drive space to make a complete copy of your Resident Evil 5 directory, just back-up the necessary files you plan to replace. It’s quite easy, just head into your RE5 directory (if you’re using Steam it’s in the Steam directory under Steamapps/Common) and then head to the NativePC directory where all the moddable files are located.

If you’re going to install, for instance, the Nano-Suit BSAA Chris mod, you’ll need to extract the data into a directory. Copy the files from the directory – I usually keep all mod files in the download folder and extract each mod into its own sub directory – and paste them into the respective Resident Evil 5 installation directory. In this case, for the Nano-Suit mod, copy the NativePC directory and then head to the Resident Evil 5 installation path and then paste the folder into the directory (e.g., C:\program files\Resident Evil 5\NativePC).

You might want to make a separate directory for backup files and copy and paste the original files into the backup directory. and then if anything happens you can easily retrieve the data.

Top Mods to Check Out


Now that you have an idea of how to install mods, a few noteworthy mods to check out are definitely the Cerebus gun skin-pack. This guy did an amazing job making some top-notch skin modifications for the guns in Resident Evil 5. The Jill Tron suit is another nifty mod worth checking, available in the re-skin section at the Invision Free modding board.

The two most important mods, though, are the split-screen mod and the versus mode mod. To use split-screen you’ll need two USB controllers, such as two Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers; the mod doesn’t work with a keyboard and mouse combo. Simply download and extract the contents of the split-screen mod into the main folder of Resident Evil 5. Double click the icon to begin playing and presto! You can now play local-split screen story mode with another player.

Four-player versus mode pits two teams against each other or four people against continuous waves of NPCs. This mode can only be accessed after downloading and extracting the mod to the Resident Evil 5 directory. Simply double-click on the Versus.exe file and it will open up a new option in the play-menu with the mode “Versus” beneath “The Mercenaries” mode. You’ll have to unlock the characters again by earning points in this mode, but it’s well worth it.


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