Resident Evil 5

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    • Resident Evil 5 Guide for Getting, Installing and Using Mods
      Custom, user-made mods are what make PC gaming completely and entirely awesome. Find out which ones are worth downloading and installing in this comprehensive Resident Evil 5 mod guide.
    • Become the Resident Evil 5 "Master of Unlockables"
      There are a ton of goodies to be unlocked within Resident Evil 5. Check out our guide to getting all the amazing weapons, costumes, and alternate modes for the survival horror game.
    • Resident Evil 5 Enemy Guide
      Here is a guide to the various nasty enemies you’ll encounter in Resident Evil 5. They may be tough and hideous but don’t worry there’s always a way to make them dead.
    • Resident Evil 5: Tips for Keeping the Zombies Off
      Having difficultly mastering those harder levels in Resident Evil 5? Here are a few tips for keeping your head on your shoulders, and your meat intact from zombie attacks. I'll also reveal a few things, like the hidden emblems, and how to unlock unlimited ammo. Hit the jump, come on in.
    • Resident Evil 5 PC Review
      Capcom took their time porting Resident Evil 5 onto the PC. So was it worth the wait? Find out in this review.
    • Resident Evil 5 Weapons Guide
      Resident Evil 5 is a tough game to survive. There are infected people running riot and all manner of nasty monsters eager to spill your blood. If you want to make it through in one piece you need to master your weapons. Check out this RE5 weapons guide for advice.
    • Resident Evil 5 Tips and Strategy
      Resident Evil 5 can challenge the mind as well as the trigger finger. For some vital Resident Evil 5 hints, tips, and boss strategies, read more here. Not just
    • Resident Evil 5: How to Win Without Trying
      Here are some Resident Evil 5 PC Cheats, including a link to a free-to-download trainer from cheathappens. If you wish to make your gaming experience easier, this article will help.
    • Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition - PlayStation 3 Review
      Capcom's latest Resident Evil title is impressive, and the Gold Edition offers even more value for your buck than the original version.
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