Resident Evil 5 Tips and Tricks: Combat and Gameplay

Resident Evil 5 Tips and Tricks: Combat and Gameplay
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Resident Evil 5 Tips and Strategy

Capcom’s Resident Evil 5, like its predecessors, is filled with difficult boss battles, heart stopping battle sequences, and sometimes obtuse puzzles. A few easy to follow Resident Evil 5 tips and tricks can help make your life easier and help you to avoid the game over screen. With a Resident Evil 5 PC version on its way in September, Windows users might do well to refresh themselves on some Resident Evil 5 tips and tricks

Don’t Play It Safe

One of the most important Resident Evil 5 tips is to always remember your best defense is a good offense. Basic ammo is easy to come by and for long periods you’ll be so full on bullets and grenades that you’ll be running past them without a second glance. The handgun, shotgun, rifle, and machine gun all have plentiful ammunition and any shortages can usually be replenished after a few minutes of fighting possessed villagers.

In the same vein, one of the best ways to deal with the hordes of zombies and mutants is by taking full advantage of your partner, Sheva. Often times players will prefer to keep Sheva on a tight leash by putting her into “Cover Mode” permanently. This is well and good for certain points in the game, but as ammunition is so plentiful you might as well make good use of her. By equipping her with a rifle or a machine gun and moving her into “Attack Mode”, Sheva can cover Chris from a distance but help put down large mobs that might gather. When fighting small groups or bosses, keep her covering Chris, but move into Attack Mode to deal with large melees.

Treasure? More Like Junk

Unlike Resident Evil 4, you can sell the RE5 treasure immediately. You do not have to combine any rare items at any point in the game, so don’t waste time hoarding gems and chalices that could be going right into your character’s coffers. By selling this treasure you can afford better weapons and upgrades.

Another good Resident Evil 5 tip is to discuss with your partner what weapons you plan to buy in a co-op game. Although there is nothing stopping a player from buying multiple copies of a weapon, due to inventory restrictions it will be impossible for both players to use every weapon they come across. In single player games, you can generally get away with having your CPU controlled partner carry your castoffs.

Fight Smart

RE5 Weapon

You don’t always have to wage a war of attrition with a dangerous foe. Use flash grenades to escape messy situations. Shooting arms and legs also disables their movement temporarily or makes them drop their guard so you can preform a devastating close range attack which will also stun multiple nearby foes. The key to winning in Resident Evil 5 is to be bold but leave a losing battle behind when necessary.

For example, many of the harder enemies (for instance, the chainsaw wielding maniacs) can be dispatched much quicker if you use disables and melee combat to do some extra damage.

Beating Jill In Resident Evil 5

One of the most frustrating Resident Evil 5 boss fights is your former partner, Jill. After Wesker leaves you to deal with your mind-controlled friend, you don’t have a lot of options. If you kill her, it’s an instant game over. Instead, carefully remove the gem attached to her

Jill RE5

chest. A good tactic is to use flash grenades to stun her and run over and restrain her. Chris will hold her from behind while Sheva takes a few shots at the device. This works best with the pistol as it causes no collateral damage.

Eventually, Chris will need to start attempting to remove the gem himself. Even after some help from your partner, it takes anywhere from four to seven attempts to remove it. In the meantime, Jill will be jump kicking her way around the room (and your head). Try to have at least two or three herbs or first aid sprays available after you’ve finished running from Wesker and begun the Jill boss fight.

Beating Resident Evil 5’s Final Boss

Once you’ve begun your final battle against the Resident Evil 5’s final boss, Wesker, one of the first things you have to do is protect your partner. Use your rifle or a pistol to take some pot shots at the big guy to buy Sheva some time. Once she’s safe, quickly rush to the end of the long rock outcropping to a giant boulder. Tap the action button quickly to have Chris shove the stone into the lava flow and create a land bridge.

Wesker will soon come and meet you at the center of the volcano. Although it might not be obvious, the easiest way to take him out is to blast away at the red/orange tumor on his back which is visible after he’s done a whirling tentacle attack. After he’s stunned from the

Wesker Boss Fight

damage, Chris can quickly launch himself onto him from melee range. Chris will tussle with him while Sheva finishes him off. It is possible to finish Wesker off by trying to destroy both weak points with your guns, although it is significantly more difficult.

Or if that’s not your cup of tea, save a rocket launcher all the way to the end and blow him up real good. Either way, you’ll win the game and go home a hero.

Resident Evil 5 Bonuses

By simply beating the game, you can play through a second time with Sheva as your main character. Bonuses for Sheva include access to a bow and arrow with infinite ammo. Be sure to fully upgrade the S75 so Sheva doesn’t miss out on this awesome weapon. Unlocking bonuses costumes in RE5 occurs on any individual play through of the game for either character.

One of the best features of Resident Evil 5, Mercenaries mode, isn’t available until after the game has been beaten at least once. Unlocking this tense, action packed shoot ‘em up minigame will add hours of extra entertainment to this already fulfilling game. Access Mercenaries from the main menu.

By fully upgrading certain weapons, special bonus weapons can be unlocked. The list of weapons that can provide these bonuses is as follows.

  • Gatling Gun (Chris Only): Upgrade the VZ61 machine gun.
  • Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun: Upgrade the Ithaca M37 shotgun.
  • Longbow (Sheva Only): Upgrade the S75 rifle.
  • M93R Pistol (Samurai Edge Custom): M92F pistol.
  • Smith and Wesson M500 Magnum (Handcannon): Smith and Wesson M29 Magnum.