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Resident Evil 4 Mod Guide
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The Horror Of Resident Evil 4 On PC

The spectrum of video gaming has really changed over the years. The landscape of game development and support has obviously shifted more-so toward console gaming because that’s where the money is and it’s where pirates attack profits for large publishers the least. In effect of this change, many games for PC are no longer the top dogs that they once were, leaving many desktop and laptop gamers on the sorry end of poorly converted ports and a seemingly unfinished product, much like Capcom’s PC port of Resident Evil 4.

Not only does Resident Evil 4 on PC suffer from bad porting, such as odd framerate issues, terrible graphics and shoddy cinematics, but the game is even worse for wear when it comes to the controls and the control schemes. Nevertheless, the one thing that PCs have always excelled at over their console counterparts is the option to modify many elements of the game and many of these modifications (often called mods) can help in not only adding new content to the game but also improving the overall playability of a game. Hence, this Resident Evil 4 mod guide will help direct players to the proper resources for downloading the necessary mods and installing them with ease, which will both help improve the overall gameplay, graphics and playability of Resident Evil 4.

Noticing What Needs To Be Fixed

Leon walking

First off, unlike just about every other PC game out there where modding is more of a pastime of fun and exploring new ways of playing an old game, many of the mods for Resident Evil 4 are actually essential just to actually play the game. Yes, Capcom ported over a nearly broken set of mechanics for Resident Evil 4. Some of the basic problems for RE4 on PC include fuzzy, low resolution cinematic sequences, as well as lacking support for mouse, poorly designated keyboard controls, low resolution textures and models, digitized environments, no shader support, no bloom or dynamic lights and numerous bugs.

New gun, new hair, new clothes

Of course, if all the listed features above aren’t enough to detour you from playing the game, you’ll actually find that Resident Evil 4 for PC could be one of the better versions all in due part to the great support from the modding community that turned Capcom’s computer-ported turd into a playable horror-survival game. Hence, if you’re looking for the complete Resident Evil 4 experience you’ll need a few key mods to boot, including fixes for the graphics and controls.

Fixing The Controls

Modded Ada

Let’s all be honest about the controls for RE4…it was made for a controller. Using anything less than a controller creates an incomplete experience. For gamers who have a USB gamepad or compatible controller – I find that Xbox S controllers usually work the best for PC – can use one with the game. First, however, it’s imperative to update the game so it includes all the latest fixes from the V1.1.0 release. If you don’t have the latest version of the game just head to Google (trusty Google) and type in “Resident Evil 4 patch”.

Alternate Ada mod

If you don’t have a gamepad configured to use with the game, there’s no worries. You’ll just need a mouse mod patch to properly configure and use your mouse with the game. Simply head back to Google (good ‘ole Google to the rescue) and type in “Resident Evil 4 MouseAim mod” and the mod for using the mouse to aim should be the first thing that pops up. Follow the instructions in the readme for using the mouse mod to install it. Most of these are quite simple to use and the readme should be provided in the zip file.

Fixing The Graphics

Devil Jin from Tekken

While some gamers may not want to go about and out of their way just to get decent visuals out of their playing experience for Resident Evil 4 on PC, however there are a few alternatives for vastly improving the visuals in RE4 without doing a complete texture overhaul to the game.

New weapons and laser trails for use in the game

There are graphical enhancement mods for the game that increase the HDR/bloom, shader, shadows, blur, motion and field of depth options often times found in newer games or video cards starting with the ATI Radeon X1400 and higher or the Nvidia GeForce 6800 or higher. Finding these mods can be a bit tricky but you can find an easy to install graphics mod for RE4 called the ENBSeries, which is available at the Official ENBSeries Website. Head to the download section and scroll down until you find Resident Evil 4. Simply download the latest version and unzip the contents into your general Resident Evil 4 installation directory. It’s that easy.

Another quick graphical fix is the bloom enhancement. This is a trickier file to track down, however typing in RE_BloomRC2.2.rar into Google and then you can easily pick from the numerous hosting sites in which to download the patch. Just like the ENB series fix, simply extract the contents into your Resident Evil 4 directory.

Additional Must-Own Mods For Resident Evil 4

Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

There are a few super noteworthy mods out there that might truly appeal to core gamers looking to get that extra immersion “umph” out of Capcom’s Resident Evil series. One of the absolute best mods made for the PC version of Resident Evil 4 includes a complete character overhaul of the Leon Mafia Suit by a gaming enthusiasts that goes by the name of Satyr, who recreated Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4 for Resident Evil 4. He comes complete with the rail gun, which is just extra cream on the cake.

For those of you out there who enjoy some extra bang from your ballistics, there are a number of weapon packs available to replace the in-game weapons, ranging from overhauled Berettas to custom engraved Remington shotguns. Most of these can be acquired from the Invision Free Resident Evil 4 Modding Board. A few other mods to look out for are the Item Modifier, which is handy for people who like to alter the way weapons and items work.

There are also some re-skins containing high quality textures and re-skins of characters and enemies already in the game, which definitely help the immersion factors which were inevitably lost in the original poorly port PC version of Resident Evil 4.

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