Borderlands PC Mods

Borderlands PC Mods
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What Can Be Modded?

Basically every element of Borderlands can be changed in some shape or form. The most common modifications which can be done are modifications to the statistics of weapons. This allows the player both to boost the power of their weapons if they’re in a pinch, as well as create whole new weapons if they wish to.

Other commonly modified parts of the game are the player statistics, which can be manipulated to increase combat effectiveness. In the sections below, the programs used for modding and how a player can mod the game themselves will be discussed.

The game’s storyline and quests can be modified, though with no real life way to distribute Borderlands mods, players would be modifying these elements of the game for their own enjoyment rather than to distribute.

What Tools Do Players Need to Create Borderlands PC Mods

Borderlands PC Mods

With a few tools, creating borderlands mods is extremely. The tools automate some aspects of what would be tedious hex editing if players were to do it by hand, and make piecing together all new weapons a breeze.

For the modifying of save games, WillowTree is a tool which breaks down the internals of a save game into its constituent parts. When opening their save game, information on separate parts of the game is split into easy to understand folders such as Character, Skills, Weapons and Quests, ensuring the players are 100% sure that what they are editing is correct.

Gear Calculator, found on the Borderlands Modding Wiki, allows players to construct a weapon out of all the individual parts available in game. Access to all of the individual weapon parts is built in, giving players a preview of what the weapon will look like, and when the players has finished constructing the weapon, and setting its statistics, it is then exported for use in game.

Borderlands PC Mods - Modding Savegames


Modding a player’s save is one of the quickest ways for them to progress through the game. By having a higher level, a character is able to dispatch enemies quicker, at a lesser chance of being injured or killed in combat.

To do this, WillowTree is used to open up the save file. Once the file is loaded, character information can be found under “General Info”

From this window, most basic parts of the character can be modified. Major points to look at under this tab are the Level, Backpack Space and Cash fields. Changing these fields to higher values will give the player a huge advantage in game.

Using the skills tab is another way the player can give themselves a huge leg up over the enemies ingame. Under the skills tab, a player’s proficiency with all sort of weapons and abilities can be modified.

Modifying and Creating New Weapons


The use of Gear Calculator allows players to create new parts combinations. The use of the tool is fairly self explanatory. All of the available parts are presented in a database-style interface where a player is able to select a weapon type, and then select the parts they would like from a pool of compatible ones.

Once they have finished building the weapon, they can have name generated for it, or create one themselves from a pool of available prefixes and names.

When they have completed the weapon it can then be exported for insertion into the game. This can be done using WillowTree, using the following steps.

  1. Under the weapon tab of WillowTree, select the option “New”. This will create a generic weapon in the inventory.
  2. Select “Import from Clipboard” under the “Import Weapon” button. This can be found to the right of the screen, under the “New Weapon” section.
  3. Modify the Quality and Level of the weapon to suit.
  4. Press “Save Changes”, save the .sav file and try the weapon out ingame.

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