Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 5 Walkthrough
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Chapter 5


The beginning always has no enemies so don’t worry about that. Run around the island until you reach a fork in the path. To the left are items and the other side leads to a wooden bridge. Put out the light before jumping the gap and approaching the buildings. Be ready to fight your enemies from this point onwards. One of which sports a chaingun. Be careful and don’t lure him out in the open. Keep a healthy distance before you snipe them down and getting on ahead.

Now head upstairs and to the left of the locked door, there’s a laser light to activate. Now as its turned out, head to the NW building and get up the ladder. Rotate a mirror to reflect the laser beam to make it hit the reflector SE and direct that beam into the light’s receptor so its to the right of the locked door. Now since its connected, the door will rise. Head to the tunnel and be ready to dodge the boulder being pushed at you and be careful of the crossbow enemy. Once done, climb up the ladder to the next area. Once there, get to the right and enter a small cave tunnel. There will be enemies you can lure. So once there, pick at their remains and then hop back out of the building

Regenerating Zombies



From here enemies will converge NE. Target them with your sniper scope one at a time, then get along the hillside path. Now, take the left path leading to a narrow tunnel. Take out the enemy and and head back down the path. Now go on south and you’ll get to the door. Be careful of enemies and shoot down this flaming enemy that will burst out of an oven. Beyond this, is a doorway to the next part of the building. Now make your way down the hall and then take out the enemies before collecting items. Now go back upstairs and get to the door to the east ( you can hear Ashley by now). Get going to the merchant room with an automatic door. This will open and close with attacks launched at you. Use the grenade to blow the enemies away. In the next area, there’s a save point to the west and unlock the door. From there, continue up the steps to the second floor.

Now head SE and enter a lab with a body on the operating table. Use the control panel to open he door to the eat (rotate the arrows so they point the connection from the top to bottom) Grab items and the Freezer Card Key. Now before you leave, the Regenerator will come through the door. Blast the leg with a shotgun and past him to exit the door and re-enter the first hall.

You can’t kill these people so just cripple them, now head north and unlock it using the card key and enter the freezer. There’s a card key re-writer there so you can unlock the garbage disposal unit. Then turn the valve to shut the freezing mechanism off. There’s another valve you can turn and opening up a small door with the Infrared Scope.

Screams of the Innocent

Now one of the frozen creepos is moving your way,use the IR scope and spot the parasites on the body of the enemy. Snipe them all off, and these creatures will explore. Leave the freezer to the south hall and get to a dead end in the corner. From here, take out more enemies and then run down the hall to unlock the garbage disposal door. Head down the hall to the first room and enter the room with the controls of the garbage mechanism below. Take out the enemies that you can and then get ready with weapons to attack the enemies. Now the next hall has items and then when you enter the area, you can hear Ashley crying out again. There are two enemies guarding the door as you turn the corner, take them out and then walk to the north hallway and open he door at the end. Take out the enemies and then enter the room to finish the job. Grab whatever you can and then head east of the savepoint.

With Ashley


There’s another lab area here and be wary of another creature. Snipe whatever you can and then take the four creatures out. Now there’s no more enemies and you just have to collect the items (don’t forget the Storage Room Key Card). Get out and then go to a merchant, as well as an elevator leading to a communication tower and get back to Ashley’s cell. You’ll meet the creepos wiating for you at the top of the stairs so start banging away. Then get to her holding cell and use the Storage Room Card Key to open the door.

Now get back to the garbage disposal unit from before. Leave Ashley behind and take out the enemies, and then call Ashley to you when you enter the next room. Take out crossbow wielding enemies and get Ashley safe to the east door and then unlock it. Run over to Ashley and protect her as the creatures mob you. Head west when it’s all over to the garbage disposal area. Now start walking south and be prepared for another regerating enemy. Pass under the gate and pull the leverto close it behind you. Snipe down the enemy and open the second gate where a metal bin needs to be pushed out of the way. Call Ashley and she’ll help out. When it’s done, continue moving SW where you enounter another energy. Run back across the bridge where Ashley is staying and take the enemy down. When it’s done, call Ashley to you again and push another metal bil out of the south hall before moving onwards.

The Truck Ride


Once here, three more enemies will come at you and back up as much as you can before taking them down. clear the room and head on to a room where there’s a wrecking ball in the in the center. Go NW and notice the control area for the wrecking pall. Drop down and run to the control room avoiding the enemies. Once there, make Ashley operate the wrecking ball and she’ll wreck this wall to piece and you hold off attacks from two entrances. When the wall is cleared run to the opened gate and leave the enemies behind you.

The next area is clean so explore it and when you hear mousic get to the back of the room and wait for your enemies. Once done, get to the main hall and enter through the formerly locked right door and head south. More music means more enemies. Activate a power to a shutter in the enarby room and make Ashley crawl under to open it for you. There’s a save point here. Leave Ashley to one side of the doorway and approach the opposite site to operate the locks.Wait for the red lights to hit the center then unlock the door. Leave there and get into the back of a large tractor driver by Ashley, hold off attacks while she drives. There’s a large truck coming at you, use the shotgun to blast it to pieces and keep one holding off enemies until the truck stops at a large lift.

Back to Basics

Get out and up the ladder. Be careful of enemies - then flip the lever and run back to the truck to save Ashley. Once it reaches the top of the lift, more enemies will appear a truck will come at you head on. Once you’re off the tractor ride, collect items and use the merchant there.

Go up to the next door way and pick at your enemies again. Now go on south to take the lift to an upper platform causing a cutscene. Keep an eye out for events and stay alert. When its done, climb down the ladder and into the next hall. This white hall has laser so watch for the gaps and run between them. Activate the switch and unlock it - carefully dodging the beams and getting through to the door. In this next room, a lift will bring you down the next area where it’s another empty place with a merchant and items as well as a save point. Keep going to where the red beacon is. Don’t bother fighting it off yes but merely getting off the dangerous set of cargo containers.

Train Rides

3 locked cargo containers that need to have two different switches on them pressed. Do that and run to the door and get on the next container. Destroy the green locks to get to where the switches are. The first container’s lock are right next to the shutters in front of the switch, hit it and run to the second where the lights are mounted high on the the beams. Shoot them down and run to the third where the first switch is visible and the second requires you to run through the passage in the center and turn left at the tunnel’s end. Shoot the green lock that you see, backtrack to the west end of the cargo and hit the switch to open the gate.

Put some distance between you and the monster and start running. Use the explosive barrels and then switch to heavy weaponry. Time your shots well and shoot at the monster just as it starts moving to you. Keep firing at it until it burrows underground wherein next you have to dodge servral attack. Keep fighting until it eventually. When you’re done, move on east.



There are no enemies so far, but at corner are a bunch of enemies. Take care of them by shooting the red barrel between them when you’re done - go down to the collect items. Inside the tend is a ladder to an underground path, collect items, meet a merchant and save before climbing the ladder and on to the next area. You’ll be running into Krauser again and he will pop up from behind the rubble. From there, the monster will probably start throwing grenades at you or attack. He’ll get down from where he’s staying and attack you. Get to the west area where there are items and keep running away. With a bang and a flash, he’ll disappear leaving you to rain the items in the room.

Head north with caution, one of the walls has your enemy waiting for you. Do the same process you did to get away earlier and then get to the east. The enemy will on top of another building and firing at you.. Wait for the procession of bullets to stop before running up the building forcing Krauser to jump down and face you. Chasing him away clears the path (as usual).

Holy Beast


Grab items that you need before heading east to where there are some rubble and a set of stairs at the top of the ruins. Get the first piece of the Holy Beast here and trigger another attack from Krauser. Equip your powerful weapons and blast away, keep doing this until he disappears. From where you are, push the statue onto the floor switch revealing two levers. One lets you backtrack to the last walkway leading you to a set of paths to the base of a tower. Climb the tower and search for some items where you get the second piece of the Holy Beast. Krauser will appear again and now you have a three-minute deadline to beat him. Get ready to dodge a lot attack, aim for the legs and when he’s done pop some to his head. Do this repeatedly until he eventually dies, the third piece of the Holy Beast is on him. So take it and head to a path near the evacuation area and use the three pieces to open the door.

Helicopter Help


Make your way north and see the rescue helicopter arriving. Once that happens, more enemies will appear and the helicopter will shoot at the creepos for you. Now head towards the locked door to the NE and climb the first adder up the paltform. Open the locked door, and take out a chaingun wielding enemy before exiting the building via a rear door and get up the second ladder. If you haven’t taken the chaingun dude down, from here you can easily snipe. Now when that’s done, head to the north of the cam and get to a set of stairs leading to a zip line. Ride it down to the chaingunner’s corpse and drop one level to unlock the door below. Get down agaIn and head through the door to enter another portion of the camp.

The door will lock behind you and another turret will start shooting. Get to the left and climb the laDder there and wait for the helicopter to take out another batch of mosters. Now to unlock the door in front of you,need two levers to pull open and they’re all located at either side of doors of the balconies. The first one merely requires you to climb the ladder while the second needs you to backtrack to the small tunnel entrance you just came out of.