Where To Find An Edit File For PES 2011

Where To Find An Edit File For PES 2011
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Where To Find An Edit File For PES 2011

A long held tradition in PES communities is the development and use of an edit or option file. These fan created “mods” help to bring a realism to the game that is often found lacking in the PES series due to the strictures of team licenses etcetera. Unlike FIFA, PES 2011 lacks certain leagues & teams, which could greatly expand the experience. This is where the edit file for PES 2011 comes into play, adding things like boots, faces, hairstyles, kits, emblems, stadiums & real-life leagues to the overall experience.

This article will delve into where you can find an edit file for PES 2011 as well as explaining what some of the main PES 2011 option file releases add to the newest annual soccer series title. Before we list the places to go in order to download these edit file for PES 2011 choices, an explanation on the distinction between region specific versions of the game needs to be made, as some confusion arose after the games initial release earlier this month.

PES 2011 Option File Confusion

There are three separate versions of PES 2011 that can be bought, each with their own supposed region, although one of them is confusingly found in both the UK & Europe. The versions are named BLES-2X, with the X being replaced with a 0, 1 or 2 dependent on region. The BLES-20 disc is found in the UK market while BLES-22 is America/Australia based. A problem arises due to the BLES-21 version being sold in both Europe & the UK, creating frustration for editors and game players alike, as versions are not cross-compatible.

PES 003

Because of this, there are three potentially different PES 2011 option file variants that can be downloaded, with your specific version working with what version the editors themselves have worked on. The listing below will try to provide a couple of alternatives for each of the three versions, although at the moment, there is a lack of a BLES-22 edit file for PES 2011 choices due to the delayed release in those territories. Anyways, below is the listing of PES 2011 option files currently released in some form or another;

Edit File For PES 2011 Choices

  • WENB PES 2011 Option File (link) - Compatible with both BLES-20 & 21, this option file is a collaborative project between multiple mod makers, proclaiming their efficacy for editing with this release. Proposed to contain an ultimate UK edit file for PES 2011, the current build adds the illustrious Bundesliga to the game, while also having stadiums, international team kits & fake player names corrected. For users of BLES-20 PES 2011 copies, its the ultimate option file release, a must download for PS3 fans.
  • Scottish Option File (link) - As with almost any PES game, there is a contingent of British based players who enjoy the Scottish league, invariably playing with a Scottish based option file. This choice does just that, adding the Scottish Premier League, with a view to adding the division below that over the coming days & weeks.
  • Championship/Bundesliga Option File (link) - Working from the BLES-20 version of the game, this edit file for PES 2011aims to add both the whole Bundesliga with the English Championship to the game. Although it only adds 18 of the Championship, it still caters to many fans of lower league teams, providing enough of an English flavour to the second division of the Master League.
  • DFL Option File 2011 (link) - Available for the BLES-22 version of PES, this option file adds the Bundesliga as the other mods do, with some transfer updates added to further placate the need for this release.

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