Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 5: The Escape

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 5: The Escape
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Getting Clear of GLaDOS

Use a portal to get around the broken door, and then find Wheatley again. Wait for him to light things up a bit, and then just follow him. He’ll hold the light steady for a few jumps, so just keep moving and wait for him to catch up if you’re moving too fast for him.

Be careful when you drop down onto the production line, as it is a somewhat tricky jump. Watch out as you approach the manufacturing bots. Make sure that you run past them, or follow close behind while they’re working on a plate. Jump off to the left and keep following Wheatley.

Use a portal to get up to the side room, as Wheatley instructs. After that, move to the edge and wait for him to light up the wall. Shoot a portal onto it in between the plates moving past, and go through to get across the plant.

He’ll light up another one, so just repeat it. Walk past the sentry turret manufacturing bots. Follow the catwalk to the break, and then drop onto the boxes. Follow the tube down to the bottom, dropping down the center where you can.

If you get to the bottom catwalk, use one portal on the white wall, and another on the recessed room above it to get to the path you need.

Shutting Down the Turret Line

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 5: The Escape - The Turret Manufacturing Line

Use one portal in the office and another above the turret redemption line to ride it over and onto the boxes. Walk across to the other, and then run down the line until you make it to the beam. Follow it over and drop down to the catwalk.

Put a portal above the target on the turret testing line. Try to land behind the board to stay safe. Wait for a defective turret to come out, and put another portal on the office behind them. Cross over to this office to get past them and reach the quality control room.

Follow the catwalk over to meet back up with Wheatley and reach the office. Give him a little privacy, while he “hacks” it, and then shoot through the hole in the door to pull the master turret out. That’s not enough though.

Leave Wheatley while he thinks, and go back out to the catwalk. If you watch, they toss defective turrets cover the catwalk and into the incinerator. Go next to it and catch one to save it. Carry it over to the control room and put it onto the template to switch things up a bit.

Watch the line for a bit if you want, then follow Wheatley to the next target. Go through the classroom, and just keep moving until you hit the door. Walk past the neurotoxin generator and the shredder, until you reach the elevator. Take it up and reach the locked door.

Shutting Down the Neurotoxin Generator

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 5: The Escape - The Neurotoxin Generator

Enjoy the “silence” for a moment, and then look at the big laser. We’ll need that soon. Push the big button to open the door, and go inside. Enjoy Wheatley’s rambling for a bit, then go back to that big laser. Put one portal up to catch it, then walk up to the neurotoxin generator. Do you see the eight pipes? You need to cut them with our big laser.

Put a portal on the moving panels on the right side of the room. Try to get it at the very start. The laser will cut through the four pipes as it passes them. Turn to the left and repeat this with the panels moving up. Once all 8 are down, you’ll be able to catch a ride out via the old pipe system.

Confronting GLaDOS

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 5: The Escape - The Stalemate Associate

When you come out, you’ll be able to see a small light square far out into the construction bay of the lab. Put one portal on the wall and another on the square. Drop down into that room, and use “E” to try and open the door for GLaDOS’ emergency shutdown. Things won’t exactly play out right, but just enjoy it for now.

When you regain control, pick up Wheatley and put him into the outlet for the core swap procedure. You need to push the button to resolve the stalemate, but GLaDOS isn’t making it easy. In front of the first launcher, there’s a section of white floor. Put one portal here, and another by the button.

The shield around the button is fast, but not fast enough to go from one side to the other. Walk around and have one portal on each side. Wait for the shields to be raised toward you, and then duck through the portal to slip behind it and hit the button.

Get into the elevator for the rest of the scene to play out.


All screenshots from “Portal 2.”

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