Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return
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Test 9

After a few failed attempts, GLaDOS will lower the ceiling over the spring. Put one on the ceiling on the target, and then walk over to the edge and look above the metal edge of the raised portion of the room. Put one above the section, and then catapult through the portal onto the raised section.

Put one portal on the slanted plate across from the button. Keep track of which portal is where though, since you’ll be moving around a lot. Run back and use the aerial plate to send you into the ceiling again and fling you over to the button. Push the button to drop a redirection cube. Repeat the fling trick using the other slanted platform to throw yourself into the new area with the cube.

Grab it and use it to point the laser at the white wall in the center. Use two portals to power up a new slanted platform that will take you to the exit. Put a portal on this third platform (next to the raised wall) and repeat the aerial plate again to launch over to the raised section by the exit. From this angle, you can use portals on both sides of the raised wall to get it on the receiver again and open the exit. Go through and reach the elevator.

Test 10

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3 - Test 10

Things are a little tricky again. Use a portal at the bottom of the pit, and a portal on the wall across from the cube to fling across and grab it. Use portals to get back across, and then use the spring to fling yourself into the glass. Drop the cube in front of the receiver to lower the glass.

Drop down to the first spring, except this time you’ll hit the second one on the wall and get stuck on the higher platform. Hit the terminal to drop a redirection cube. Just wait until it bounces up to you, and grab the cube. Drop down back to the first level, and swap out the redirection cube for the cube. Redirect the beam onto the white wall, and put one portal there to catch it. Grab the cube and drop down to the first spring again. Bounce up to the platform and drop the cube. Use a second portal to power up the second receiver and lower the glass.

Grab the cube and drop back to the bottom and use the springs to reach the end of the course. Drop the cube on the button and open up the exit.

Test 11

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return - Test 11

It’s time to play with these natural light bridges. Put one blue portal at the end of the light bridge, (and then use orange portals for everything else), and put another one across from you to bridge the room and hit the button. This will make the dispenser start dropping cubes into the water on your left. Cross back to the first side, and fire one portal on the left side to create a bridge into the gap by the dispenser. Go through the portal to follow it, and stop at the corner.

Use a portal to create a new lower bridge on the left. You should fall down onto the slighlty lower bridge, and round the corner. Repeat this to get a bridge under the dispenser. Catch a cube, and go through the portal to reach the other side.

The button is on the left, so fire a portal onto the right side to create a light bridge over to it. Drop the cube on the button, and then look below you and create a new bridge so that you can drop down and cross back over to the start. Recreate your original bridge and go through the exit.

Test 12

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return - Test 12

Once you enter the room, look high and to the left. Fire a portal above the light bridge, and another on the ground. Go through it to get onto the bridge, and use a blue portal to create a new light bridge.

Like last time, stick to orange portals after this. It’s not fun to accidentally destroy your own bridge in the middle of the test. Go through the portal to reach the starting area, and use an orange portal to bridge under the dispense, and hit the button. Pick up the cube, and take it to the starting point. Recreate the portal to get back to the light bridge emitter. Carry the cube up with you, and drop it on the bridge.

From this angle, you can fire a new portal to make a low bridge over to the button. Go through the portal and drop the cube on the button to open the exit.

Test 13

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return - Test 13 - Turrets Again

Time to take out turrets. You had to assume that GLaDOS wouldn’t wait too long to break these out again.

Just pick up and drop the first one. Use a portal to get behind the second and repeat it. Put a portal under the third to knock it over.

The next set of two requires you to put portals above them, and drop cubes onto them.

The next room has 3, but only one is dangerous. Fire a portal above the one at the back of the room, and drop a cube on it. You should then be able to just run up and flip the other two by approaching them from behind.

Drop the cube on the button and exit.

The bridge is out, so drop down and go through the hatches until you make it out. Go onto the platform to reach the new room.

Test 14

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return - Test 14 - The Lasers

Thread the needle to get past these. There’s actually not much else to it. Put the redirection cube by the emitter, and put it into the first siren at an angle. Put one portal on the wall and another so that the laser goes through the sirens. It’s hard to describe, so if you need help, just look at the attached picture.

Test 15

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return - Test 15

We’ve got more turrets to deal with, so let’s get ready.

The bridge is your shield. Lay it across the turret blocking your path. You can actually walk through the portal by the emitter to end up right by the turret. Knock it over and move forward. Create a new light bridge to make a new shield for yourself in the room with all the turrets and move over to the aerial spring plates.

You can use the plates to jump past the turrets covering the center, but the main thing is to put a bridge up on the white wall so that you hit it when you’re thrown by the plate. You can then use the catwalk to drop down in the center of the four turrets. Knock them all over and grab the cube, and use it to press the button in the center. Put up one more shield in front of you so that the turrets don’t kill you. Fire a new blue portal on the wall behind them, and then go through the portal close to you quickly to knock them over. Go through the exit and into the elevator.

Test 16

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return - Test 16

There’s a lot more turrets here. Run past the first one (you can destroy it later for an easter egg, but it’s not necessary), and get to the room.

Look above the glass platform to spot a laser emitter. The laser can go through glass, so put one portal below it and another on the wall across from the turrets. Stand on the button to burn up the three turrets.

The glass will protect you from the turrets, so walk over and grab the cubes on the ground. Grab the cube and use it to push the button, then use the redirection cube to aim the laser and destroy the two turrets. Drop it after lining it up with the receiver to clear the path to the exit.

Test 17

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: The Return - Test 17

This one is a bit harder, but easy once you get it.

Put one portal above the light bridge, and drop down onto it. Grab the cube to power up the receiver. The problem is that we need the cube to be on the button to open the exit, but the laser raises the platform too quickly. Put a bridge over the button, by putting a portal on the panel to the right of it. Set the cube above the platform so that it blocks the laser. Get onto the platform, and then put another portal anywhere to destroy your second bridge and drop the cube onto the button.

Go through the exit and you shuld hit a new chapter.


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