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    • Isn't It Time You Played Portal?
      The Portal series offers a unique gaming experience - first person puzzling armed with a portal gun and the chance to manipulate objects and weapons to your advantage. It's no wonder that these are hugely popular games...
    • Best Portal 2 Quotes from Wheatley
      Wheatley is just a little core, but he has some of the best quotes in Portal 2. He begins as a friendly guide. When he takes a darker role in the video game, he gets even funnier.
    • Portal 2 is Overrated - Here's Why
      Portal 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Valve's Portal, and fans of the original have been gushing about the sequel since before it was released. The game has drawn some criticisms as well, however. So is Portal 2 overrated? It depends on who you ask.
    • Where's My Cake? A Look at Portal 2's Revved Up Plot
      The folks at Aperture Science are back, putting our heroine in danger and not giving her any cake for it. In this sequel to Valve's Portal game, Chell gets some new surprises, new levels, and some friendly words from our sponsors.
    • Review of Portal 2
      Portal was a huge surprise hit. Popular in part because it was such a great surprise. That leads to the question of whether a sequel to a surprise hit can really be as much fun as the pleasure as a game you were not expecting, especially a game as short as Portal.
    • Portal Walkthrough - Tests 16-17
      Things get a little strange for chambers 16 and 17. We first have to run the gauntlet on a course designed for military androids and then use our new beloved weighted companion cube as a helper in an energy ball puzzle. If you need help with chapter 8 and 9, just look below.
    • Portal 2 - Getting Achievements for Science
      Portal 2 offers a number of achievements, most of which you'll get in the standard course of the game. There are a few that really require some out of the box thinking though, so if you need some helping getting all of the achievements, just look here.
    • Portal 2 - The Escape
      Well, we're finally on the run with Wheatley. We need to make our way through the back of the Aperture Facility, shut down the turret production line, shut down the neurotoxin production and then confront GLaDOS for the big exchange.
    • Best Portal 2 Quotes from Cave Johnson
      In Portal 2, Cave Johnson's hilarious recordings guide Chell through the test chambers and give insight to the history of Aperture Science. While just about everything he says is amusing, these quotes are some of the best.
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