Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You
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The Initial Escape

Put a portal on the white gel, which GLaDOS points out, and then another on the section of white wall past Wheatley. This will cover your platform in gel. Quickly put a portal on the platform to get to the catwalk.

Follow it until you get to the drop, and look down. Put a portal on the wrecked plate lying below you, and the one just above you facing down the lane. Drop down to slingshot onto the next section of catwalk. Wait for Wheatley to smash the cube, and then put a portal above the end of the broken catwalk. Step back a few paces to reach a section of white wall you can access, and use it to drop back down onto the catwalk.

Follow it out and wait for the room to stop crashing. Put a portal at the end, and then one up through the grate to enter the “death trap.” Just wait a moment, and then go out the malfunctioning exit. Drop down and go into the next room.

Turret Traps and Smash Plates

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9 - Taking Out Wheatley’s Turrets

Approach the turrets on the catwalk from the high side. Put one on the tunnel, and another behind the turrets on ground level. Use a few tunnels to push the three turrets out, and then jump into it yourself to go into the side room. Drop off before you hit the blades, and grab the tunnel. Send it through the exit and ride it out. Before the spike plate crushes you, change the portal to the lower white plate to ride the tunnel back. Drop off before the wreckage hits, and go through.

Jump on the blue gel to cross the catwalk and reach the next room with a whole lot of turrets. Walk along the catwalk, and look to the broken glass for a side room that you can enter. Use a portal to get inside. Stand on the button to start the blue gel drop, and put a portal below it. Then use portals on that big wall to the side of the turrets to shell them with the gel. Knock them all off, then use a portal to get up to the area with the spring. Use it to reach the catwalk, and go to the door.

Wheatley’s Bombs

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You - Breaking the White Gel Pipe

Walk inside and hit the button to divert the bomb supply. Put a portal under the bombs and one above the button to sling a bomb into the pipe. Once the room is covered in white gel, put a portal on the floor and go over to the bomb area.

Walk forward onto the conveyor belt, but be ready to jump off as soon as he opens the gate and turns on the masher. Hit the button on this catwalk to start dropping bombs from the pipe across from you. Put one portal below them and one under the red gel pipe to start the leak. Keep the portal under the pipe, and put another at the end of the belt. The greased belt will allow you to run against the grain, and hit the portal to come out under the red gel pipe and into the main lair.

Keep the portal under the red gel, and then look for the dead end hallway. Put a portal at the end to slick the hallway and make a runway, then put another portal under the blue tunnel. Run down the line and into the portal to fly up into the line. Drop off at the end onto the catwalk. Follow it up and through the door, then use a portal to get above the grate.

Put GLaDOS into the plug-in and ride the elevator up to the core room.

Killing Wheatley

Portal 2 Guide - Chapter 9: Killing Wheatley - Bombing Him

Once you get up to the lair, Wheatley will brief you on his precautions and give you a six minute countdown. Just wait until he starts, then fall back and wait behind the pipe filled with white gel. Once the bomb hits it, the room will be covered in white gel and you’ll be able to use some portals.

Wheatley’s shields should just protect him from the front, so put a portal on a panel behind him and wait for him to start chucking bombs. He can’t adjust the target until after a few hit, so just run away and put the other portal on the impact burn. Hit him from the rear to disable him. GLaDOS will bring a corrupted core in over the catwalk. Use a portal to get up there and run over to grab it. Ride the wreckage down and bounce on the blue gel to slap the core onto Wheatley.

Your timer will also be reset to 4 minutes, with the neurotoxic being turned off, to reflect the reactor failure.

He’ll raise shields all around him, but higher, this time. Put the portal under him to hit him with a bomb and knock him out again. The catwalk is gone, so you’ll need to use a portal to get up there, and then drop down and bounce on the blue gel to grab this “adventure” core. Go to Wheatley’s other side and bounce up to put the core on him (after listening to Rick for a bit, if you want).

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9 - The Third Core - Killing Wheatley

The timer will reset to the 2 minute self destruct countdown. Wheatley will have a mixture of high and low shields now. You should be fine just hitting him from an angle with one of the slanted panels. Hit him with a bomb to shut him down again. The final core will be on the other side of the room. Wait for the red gel to break out and create the slick. Put one portal under the pink core, then another at the end of the slick. Run into the portal to fly up and grab it. Quickly put another portal on one of the slanted plates facing Wheatley, and then run into the portal again on the red slick to crash into him and attach the core.

Wait for the transfer to start up, then approach the stalemate associate room after the fire is put out. Walk up to the wall and look at the ceiling of the room. Put one portal there, then run back to Wheatley and the small section of white gel that he’s shielding. Put a portal here to drop in and trigger the trap. Once you regain control, just take good aim at the moon and fire.

Enjoy your well earned ending, and well earned “Lunacy.”


All screenshots from “Portal 2.”

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