Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Fall

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Fall
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Out of the Wreckage

After the fall stops, get up and walk through the pipes. Use a few portals to get around the wreckage, just like before, and start looking for the way out. After a few easy jumps, you’ll need to do a long connection to get around a fence and into the general yard.

Follow the path to the condemned area, and look up. You can make the shot to put a portal above the catwalk, and then put another one on the white wall near it. Use this to cross over the barred entrance. You can’t jump over, so walk to the end and look for a section of wall at the bottom on the ground. Use a portal to get to the ground floor.

Follow the path forward to the hatch, and look for the two booths on the side. You need to hit both overrides within 4 seconds. Start by getting up into either one of them, by shooting a portal at an angle. From the doorway of the office, shoot another one above the staircase next to the other one. Then push the button on one and jump through quickly to hit the other.

Go through the hatch once it’s opens and reveals the door.

Reaching the Alpha Room

Portal 2 Guide - Chapter 6: The Fall - The Elevator

As the sign says, the water is deadly, so stay out of it. Follow the catwalk up until the broken door, and use a portal to slip inside and reach the old Aperture Science Innovators Reception area. Look to the back right corner for a lighted section of wall. Go up there with a portal, and look down. There’s a section of wall with a slight slant. If you put a portal there, you can drop off and slingshot yourself over onto the next section.

Lay the portal, and then drop down onto the section of white floor to be thrown over.

Walk through the enrichment sphere and through the automatic doors. Get onto the elevator and ride it up. Look over in the corner for a well lit set of doors (The first 3 vitrified chambers). They each have funny messages, if you want to listen to them, but the main attraction is that there is a white slanted tile above them, that can fling you over to the “Alpha” room.

Put the portal here, and then go down the steps a few levels until you spot the break in the shaft. You can drop down and put a portal at the bottom to fling over to pump station alpha. Flip the switch to open the gate, and look to the back right. You want to get on the catwalk near the opening. Put a portal up there, and another on the ground floor to get up.

Follow the pipe over to the well lite elevator and get in to reach a new test chamber.

The Blue Gel Testing - Test 1

The gel works as a simple trampoline, so take it across, and then shoot a portal to get up to the raised portion. Jumping from twice as high means twice the bounce, so leap from here to bounce over to the exit. Hit the button to drop a box. Pick it up, and take it back up to the raised platform and the primitive button. Jump back over and go through.

The catwalk’s out, so look up and fire a portal. The only other nearby white wall is at the end of the broken catwalk. Drop through the portal to reach the second chamber.

The Blue Gel Testing - Test 2

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Fall - Blue Gel

Start by getting the box on the platform. Put a portal above either of the stops, and jump up to the white wall. Drop down onto the moving platform to grab the box. Carry it up with you on the bounce and set it on the button to unlock a higher platform. Put a portal on the new section of wall, and another behind you to get a bigger drop for the gel.

Go through the field, and quick save. If you botch this up, you can die. Throw yourself into the gel on either side to bounce back and forth until the end. Work with your momentum and you should be fine. Grab the box and jump up to the start to lay the box on the button. This unlocks a higher section of wall. Put a portal up there, and then drop through it to land on the exit platform. Walk out until you get to the loading screen.

The water’s still deadly, even if it looks shallow. Cross the wreckage to the center island, and look at the pillars for the light area at the top. Go up there, and use the angle to get by a button. Push the button to start dumping blue gel.

You can start covering the steps with blue gel. Just start by putting one portal on the impact spot, and another by place where you want it. Pull the portal out from under it before the glob goes back through. You can get the second step by putting the portal on the side of the wall.

You need to go through the field, so put some gel below the jumping off point and on the second platform so that you can chain the bounces up. Put one portal on the marked spot on the slanted platform, then walk around and put the portal at the impact spot again. After there’s some gel there to put you through to the exit, you can jump off of the edge and put a new portal below you, to follow the gel’s path, slingshot onto the pad and land at the exit. Walk out and go into the elevator.

The Blue Gel Testing - Test 3

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Fall - Blue Gel

This one is pretty easy. Cover the floor in gel and jump up to push the button and shut off the water flow, then put the portal on the wall panel to shoot the gel out and cover the metal plate. You can then bounce right up to the exit.

For the leaky pipe, all you need to do is get some gel on the wall by putting a portal under the leak and another on the slanted plate. When you’re ready, shoot a portal onto either of the high white walls. You can go up on the beam and use this to get the extra bit of height that you need for the jump. Put one on the ground and the other on the slant, then bounce off of the gel to go through the exit.

The next section requires a bit of extra work. You need to look back into the chamber you were in a few tests ago, and put a portal below the pipe. Then, look out at the course. Put a portal on the furthest plate, across from the slanted metal. Get some gel on there to catapult yourself up to the lit catwalk.

Once the area is covered in gel, you can dive off the platform into a portal at the bottom, and come out through the hole across from it to bounce up to the catwalk. Go to the edge of the catwalk, and look up. You can get past the missing stairs with a little portal use, and enter a new testing chamber.

The Blue Gel Testing - Test 4

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Fall - The Last Blue Gel Test

You just need to dump some gel on the box to make it break out. Catch it while it bounces, and then take it under the water flow to clean it up. Drop it on the button, and spread a little gel below the elevator. Once you’re on the lift, put a portal above the box to cover it in gel again, so that it bounces off the button and the elevator moves. Walk up to the exit and take the lift out.

Reaching Pump Station Beta

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Fall - Reaching the Beta Pump Station

The actual exit to the surface elevator is blocked, so look to the side for a bit of white wall by a tank labeled beta. There’s some white wall just ahead, so put your portal here and go over to the beta pump station. Go inside and look up. Go up onto the high catwalk, and get to the diving spot. You need to slingshot yourself from this height through the plate across from the offices. You don’t have a shot here though.

Put a portal down below the diving spot, and another one just a few steps further, so that you fly back and forth in the air. You should be able to put a portal in the desired spot while you’re in the air, and you’ll still have all the momentum needed to get up to the offices.

Walk through and over to the control rooms. The first floor, and floor connected to the top catwalk won’t do anything. You need to get onto the second floor. Put a portal up on the high catwalk, so that you can do some slingshotting. Walk to the end and put a portal on the slanted wall across from the second story entrance to the control room. Drop off of the catwalk and fling yourself into the office to find an old friend. Spear GLaDOS onto your portal gun, to also trigger the elevator controls. We can now make the jump, instead of just crashing into the gate.

Get back up onto the same catwalk, but put a portal just slightly above it. Then drop off to fling yourself onto the catwalk connected to the elevator. Get inside to return to the actual facility.


All screenshots from “Portal 2.”

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