Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7: The Reunion

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7: The Reunion
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Red Gel Test 1

Time for a new gel. This red stuff greatly reduces friction, and we have one very full course to use it on.

Start by getting up onto the platform with the switch. You can only get short bursts of the red gel, but we won’t need too much of it for any one part. Put one portal on the radioactive marker behind the ramp and one on the impact spot. This will grease up the entire path, and let you jump the gap. Just put your back to the wall and walk forward, you’ll pick up enough speed and glide across just from the running. Don’t try to jump, since that can mess up your momentum. Keep track of your portals too. Keep the blue one as your access to the button, otherwise this will get annoying really fast.

Put the orange portal on the marker, and travel back to the platform. Hit the button, and put the blue portal on the impact spot to grease the hallway. Run back over, and then glide across the next gap to find the box that you need. Use a portal through the hole to get past the glass, and then backtrack with portals to take the box back to the start. This will raise the ramp and let you reach the exit platform.

Glide over to it to confirm that the door is still locked. We need to hit the button that’s hanging in mid air next to the big arrow. Put one portal on the marker, and another at the start. Go back and put one on the marker that’s behind the ramp.

What you need to do, is do a reverse jump. Go to the top of the raised ramp (carefully), and then sprint straight into a portal. Your momentum will be the same as if you did a slingshot, so you’ll be able to push the button and open the exit.

Red Gel Test 2

Portal 2 Guide - Chapter 7 - The Red and Blue Gel

Reach the next chamber to see that you get both blue and red gel, and you can even combine them. Start by putting one portal below the red, and and then put another on the bit of white wall facing the fairly obvious runway. You need to grease up the lane first. Once there’s a clear lane of red, you can switch to the blue. Put a portal on the marker, right above the end of the lane, to drop a glob of blue gel right on top of it. This will make a launchpad for us, that will take us to the center island, but that’s not enough. We need to do a slingshot to reach the exit.

Get to the center platform and walk to the other side. If you look up, you can use a portal to get to the raised catwalk. Put one portal facing the exit, and then look back. Place another portal to go back to the starting area and your launch pad.

What you should have is a slingshot ready to go. Run down the lane and spring off, and place the portal’s pair on the white wall, so that you effortlessly sail through the wall and onto the catwalk by the exit. Go through and into the elevator.

Red Gel Test 3

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - Test 3

We’ve got steady drips this time. First, look over at the arrows. That’s our runway. Put a portal on the wall and then one under the red gel to slick the runway. Use the slanted plate to get some blue gel on raised end of the runway. Cover it, and then look to the left for a floating platform with a box. Go over to the runway with a portal, and get ready for a big jump. Put one portal at the end of the runway, and then one right above it on the slanted part. If it works right, you’ll slingshot through it, hit blue gel and then bounce over to the platform with the box. Grab the box, drop down and use a few portals to get back.

Before we use the box, look out in the center for the lone room with the button. There’s a marker on this island, along with a turnable platform. In order to get to the exit, we’re going to need another blue gel jumping station. Put one portal on the marker and another under the blue gel to cover it.

Use a portal to get over to the island, and drop the box on the button to flip the panel over. We’re just about ready. Go back to the runway, and put one portal at the end. There’s a station over to the left, with another ramp and a marker. Put the other portal on that marker. You shouldn’t have to slick the ramp. You’ll have all the momentum you can build by that point.

Run straight into the portal to fly off the ramp, hit the blue gel and bounce into the elevator. Walk to the exit to find that it’s also ruined. We’re going to pump station Gamma, it looks like.

Reaching Pump Station Gamma

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - Reaching Pump Station Gamma

Walk up to the doors, and look behind you to spot a catwalk. Use a pair of portals to get up to it, and another pair to cross the gap to gamma.

Once you’re across, go into the office and flip the switches to lay down the gel that you need. Just use a portal to get past the crushers. The white gel lets you cast a portal on any surface, so look up and use the gel to drop down on the hanging catwalk. You can use this high platform to jump off, hit the blue gel and reach the exit. Wait until the crushers go down, then start running across it. You’ll be able to slip past in no time thanks to the gel.

Once you make it outside, you should really take a look around. This is actually where we started a moment ago, with the entrance to the Gamma station below us. Right now, we need to find a way to slingshot ourselves onto the broken catwalk across from us. Start by putting one portal across from the broken staircase leading to the office, and walk back inside the pumping station to the orange gel. Put a second portal on the marker at the back wall, and wait for the crushers to start to rise up. Run through the gel to pick up speed, hit the portal and fly out to the catwalk.

Just go through the office and into the admin room. Hit the button to open the door to the elevator and then walk into the lift.

White Gel Test 1

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - The White Gel Test

This is the white gel training course, so take the chance to get comfortable with it. Note that the easiest way to aim the flow is to place a portal below the pipe, face where you want to aim it and then put a new portal between the two points.

Aim a bit of gel through the back grate, or the side grate to portal out of the room. You can use the stairs across from the pipe for a better angle for the rest of the room. Look around for the slanted platform. Move the white gel over until you can cover it. This will be the launch pad, but we still need a diving point.

Walk to the left of the launch pad, and look up. You need to get to the catwalk at the top of the pillar. Start by laying a portal on the floor to cover the pillar. The gel has a slight arch, so you can effectively walk it up the sides of the pillars. Put a new portal onto the fresh gel to cover the other pillar, and gain a little height. Keep chaining this up until you get to the catwalk.

Put a portal above it and drop down onto the catwalk. Walk over and put one portal on the launch pad, and another somewhere in the gel on the ground (there should be plenty, if not, spread a little more). Leap off to fling yourself onto the exit platform and walk out.

The Elevator Shaft

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - The Elevator Shaft

Enter the main elevator shaft, and look up. There’s no real hand holding for this one. Just use portals to move up level by level on the catwalks. Put a final portal through the elevator’s grate to reach it. Put one blue portal on the center panel of the broken elevator, and walk out to the left. Drop off of the catwalk and drop down a level to the white floor below (don’t fall down the whole shaft, and if you do, just use an orange portal to get back to the elevator). This will fling you up a level, but you can’t move enough to reach the floor.

Turn and look for the white plate above you while you’re in the air, and put the blue portal there to keep your momentum and go up another level. Then put an orange one on the slanted plate to fling yourself into the exit.

Combination Gel Test 1

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - The Combination Gel Test

Move forward and look at the pillars. We need to start by getting up onto the raised platform in the center. Start by looking up and spotting the section of white wall around a door. That doesn’t help us yet, but we need to use that in a second. Look in the center of the pillars, and fire a portal above one of the rafters. Use a portal to drop down on it and get some height, then position yourself close to the white floor below. Put one portal down, and another next to it (unless you can get an angle for that section of door of door we spotted earlier). Drop off and wait until you’re flying in the air, then put the appropriate portal onto that high section of wall. You should fling onto the platform.

Notice the drip of blue gel, since you’ll need that. Put one portal below it and leave the other up on your flinging position. The gel will cover the slanted plate at the end of the platform. You can now repeat the fling you just did, but this time you’ll hit the blue and be thrown up onto the second platform.

Walk to the end and look for the section of white gel, and put a portal on it. Drop down and look at the pit again. Drop down onto the white floor and fire a portal below yourself, to throw yourself high into the air. While you’re in the air on this third platform, look into the room. You should see a section of white floor. Put a portal in there, and you should be able to go right in and reach the next section through the field.

Combination Gel Test 2

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7 - The Combination Gel Test

Walk forward and look around. We need to do the runway trick again, using the drips. Start by looking at the slanted platform with the flat wall below it. That’s our target. Look above it to find a section of wall that can drip down on it. Cover this entire tower in white gel, by letting the drip run.

Carefully switch over, by creating a new portal on the flat part. You need to put red gel in front of it, so do so. The blue will replace itself naturally. When you’re ready, put one portal in the middle of the wall, and another on the slant.

Make a run at it, and spring into the first portal and out the second onto the higher platform. You’ll find that you need one extra bounce point though. You need to lay a little more ground work first. Put a portal on the white floor, and another under the white gel to cover the ceiling. Then switch over. Use the portal on the white gel and cover the floor in blue gel. Your spring should be ready.

Repeat the trick, but this time you’ll spring over to the new elevator, except it’s not working. Look behind it to find some white gel and a grate you can shoot through. Travel up through the grate to leave the course.

Back to the Present

Portal 2 Guide - Chapter 7 - The Vertigo Pipe

Walk down the path onto the catwalk and look up at all the pipes. This part looks much harder than it is. Start by putting one portal across from the vents on the slanted wall behind the grate. Put a portal under the white gel to coat the entire chamber. You only need one thing though. Look at the high ceiling and you should see a small section of white gel above the pipes at the very top. Put on portal on this, and another on the gel behind you.

Drop out and land on the slanted wall. Now it’s time to get a headache. Note that if you lose your orientation on this weird wall, just look for the sign with the arrows. It points to the top. Walk straight up the wall until you get to the grate at the end, and then shoot a portal through to get out on the other side.

Once you make it to the big room, just look around. Get onto a pipe using a portal and use it for perspective, and then look for a catwalk on the wall. Use a portal to get up there, and approach the broken end. Look for the broken window on the office, and put one portal on the high point across from it. Drop off and put a portal below you to fling yourself into the office. Hit the hatch override button, and then just wait. An elevator will drop down and carry you back to the test facility. Walk up the steps, and then go into the elevator to get back home.


All screenshots from “Portal 2.”

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