Video Game Portal 2 Review

Video Game Portal 2 Review
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Portal 2 Review

The game Portal had been a hit in 2007 while only lasting about 6 hours of game play. This made many gamers want more from the same series and this produced the creation of Portal 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, which has the same style of game play and puzzles that gamers originally wanted back. The game has the same concept of going through various puzzles and using a teleportation device as well as carrying a portal gun that can create portals along flat planes.

Story (4 out of 5)


The Portal games coincide with the Half Life series, another game made by Valve Corporation. The player regains control of Chell once again, a girl that was used in experiments in the Aperture Labs. Although it seemed that that the super computer GLaDOS from the previous game was destroyed, it is actually laying dormant and not active.

A new character is seen, Rat Man, who used to work at the labs before it got overrun by machines. He has lost much of his sanity but tries to help Chell escape before GLaDOS becomes fully operational once again. With many twists and turns, people who take a liking to an intelligent plot will surely give this game a well deserved chance.

Game Play (3 out of 5)

This game is by no means an action type, it is all puzzle based with a first person view, which is definitely not for everyone, especially those that feel frustrated at puzzles that appear in many genres of games, this one is full of just that. Chell must use her portal gun to traverse across the environment. This gun connects to spaces together from a distance, which will portal her to the next area. It starts out simple but can become bothersome later on.

There are gel types that can help Chell along the way, like speed gel which will quicken her pace and a conversion gel that will make any surface change into a portal. Again, the game play aspect of this game is definitely for people who enjoy solving puzzles and getting into the moment, they will find the game more rewarding.

Controls (5 out of 5)

Portal 2 controls

The controls to this game are fairly simple. Chell can jump, use her portal gun, and throw special gels that can help her advance through different levels of the Aperture Labs. Basically, anyone who knows how to handle a puzzle game will get the gist of the controls right away. Even those who are not use to this type of game play will find it less exasperating than action games with too many controls to remember.

Multiplayer (4 out of 5)

The co op campaign is a thrilling add on that has never appeared in a Portal game before. Player one controls Chell, while the second player can be Atlas or P-body, two robots that can move around, pick up and drop objects to help Chell move along. This can make the game that much easier, and it can be played online through the Playstation Network or Xbox Live, as well as being played locally.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

Portal 2 scene

The graphics are much improved from the previous title, which used an old graphical engine to e completed in a matter of months. The character textures could use some major work, as they look a little less detailed than most games of today. Other than that, the environments of the lab strike out phenomenally, especially the outgrown areas covered in plants and moss. The shiny metallic of the lab also fits in with the game without being too dull.

Sound (3 out of 5)

The music in the game is very well paced, it has a robotic texture to it which fits with the futuristic theme of the game. It is fast paced and thrilling, with other times being slow and ambient, or not even being played at all. The main theme of the game Reconstructing Science can get anyone’s heart racing before playing through the puzzles. The voice acting is almost entirely by the robots, while some sound silly and obviously done by a human, a few are artificially created which leaves it feeling a bit eerie.

Overall (3 out of 5)

This Portal 2 review touched on the fact that this game is not for everyone and some may even find it a snore fest. But for those of you who are interested in using your mind thoroughly, Portal 2 just make tickle your fancy.