Guide to Portal 2 Level 1 Walkthrough

Guide to Portal 2 Level 1 Walkthrough
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Portal 2 Video Game

Portal 2 begins in a world that looks and feels at least somewhat familiar. You are in what appears to be a motel room and at this point you will be given the most basic understanding of the controls. You will look up and down with the mouse and around the room. This is a good time to consider the control set up and if you want to change anything hit escape and go to options. This can make the entire game considerably easier. After a short walkthrough of the movement controls you will be told to go back to sleep. There is no real choice at this point but to do this.

Portal 2: Courtesy Call

You will wake up an undetermined amount of time later. It is clear though that it has been a long time because the room you were in has changed considerably. It is far darker and everything in the room has become broken, dented and generally old. There will also be a knocking almost immediately on the door of the motel room. Open this and a round eye robot will come into the room. He will then begin to move the motel room through a giant area. It will fall apart as you go, but beyond watching it there is nothing for you to do here until after it has reached the docking station and broken through.

Portal 2: Level 1: Back to Portal 1

portal 2 glass

Once you crash through the docking station you will be able to walk forward. If you go onto the glass just ahead of you then you will fall down through that into the same room that you began Portal 1 in. If you have played Portal 1 then this area is redundant, but also very quick. If you have not it introduces the idea of the portals very well. For now just wait and listen to the robot until a hole appears on the wall. Walk through that and you’ll appear outside of that room. You can then walk around the room and through the doorway.

Portal 2: Level 1: Moving Blocks

portal 2 level 1 end

This is where you’ll find the only real puzzle of the first level of Portal and one that is very easy. You will walk into the room and find a large red button in the center of the floor. Across the room you will see a tube coming from the ceiling. A block should fall out of that. Simply walk over to that tube and pick up the block, likely using Alt.

You will carry that back to the large red switch. Drop the block onto that and it will open the door. That door will appear malfunctioning but you can walk through that. door. Go through the next door and you’ll reach the elevator and on to the second level of Portal 2.


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