Portal Walkthrough - Chapters 1 and 2

Portal Walkthrough - Chapters 1 and 2
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Chapter 1 - Testchambers 00-03

Rise and shine for a day of testing. We’re going out on a quick trip. For now, just wait for the timer on the wall to countdown to 0. This will trigger a portal. Go through it to leave the room.

00 - Walk into the next one to figure oout the little box mechanic. Step on the button and Glados should drop a box in the corner. Pick it up and step it on the giant red button to complete Test Chamber 00. Walk forward and go to the next chamber.

01 - Watch for a moment. The portals rotate naturally. You need to go through the orange portal while the blue one is on the room with the box. Grab the box and watch for the portal to come back around and go back. Go through it when you can see the red button through the portal. Drop the box on the button and step back out. Just wait for it to cycle to the outside hallway and go through the portal to the open doorway.

02 - Time to actually get the portal gun for ourselves. When the rotating gun fires a blue portal through the little window, run up to wind up on the shelf above the portal gun. Drop down and grab it. You can just shoot a portal into a wall to wind up back on the shelf. The doors are open, so walk through to the next portal.

03 - This is a quick test. Shoot a portal somewhere to cross the gap, then look over to the door. Shoot a blue portal across the gap and next to the door. Go back through the orange portal to reach the exit. Walk to the elevator.

Chapter 2 - Testchamber 04-07

Portal Walkthrough - Chapter 2

04 - Another quick one. Walk up to the pit and shoot a blue portal underneath the cube. This should make it fall through and pop out right next to the button behind you. Grab it and drop it on the button to open the door again. Go through and walk to the elevator.

05 - This is the first tricky one. Walk up to the big pit in back and shoot a portal under the cube to kick it out onto the left platform. Shoot a new portal anywhere that you can reach, then go through it. Drop the cube off the platform and look to the other one. Shoot under the cube on the opposite platform to drop it off behind you. Drop it off the platform too. Jump down and drop the cubes on the two buttons to open the door. Go through and wait a moment for Glados to reveal that, shockingly, she lied about not monitoring you (the security camera should have given that away). Wait for her to open an orange portal above the glass, then shoot your own portal. Go through it to drop down on the glass and reach the elevator.

06 - This is another quick one. Fire a portal above the receptor to the right. Look for the orange light. Once the energy ball goes into the slot, the lift will power up. Jump up to the elevator and ride it to the next one.

07 - Start by waiting for the energy ball to hit the wall and leave a burned mark. Fire a blue portal on the burn mark to make it go through the portal and into the receptor. This will power up the little lift/train thing. To get over to it, look above the train by aiming above it on the white part of the ceiling. You can’t put a portal on the metal, so this is only spot. Look through the orange portal. If you’re in the right spot, you’ll be able to see the energy line. Wait for the elevator to come back and jump onto it. Jump off at the end and reach the elevator.

Chapter 3 - Testchamber 08 and 09

08 - Thi

Portal Walkthrough - Chapter 3

s is the first level where death is an actual possibility. Don’t just go out on the platform. Stay at the start and watch. Shoot a blue portal onto the burned spot. The energy ball will now go through the portal onto a new path. As soon as it goes through, quickly shoot a new blue portal onto the orange light on the wall. The ball will go into the receptor and power up the moving panel. Fire at the wall and go through the new portal to get onto the platform on the left. Then fire a shot above the end of the platform’s line. Jump through the portal when the platform comes back. Ride it over to the drop off point and jump into the elevator.

09 - This actually takes a little thinking. You can’t just carry the box through the energy field. You can go through, but the box will be destroyed. Move the box up to the platform by shooting a portal under it. Walk through the field to the room with the button. Fire a blue portal on the wall and walk through it to go to the platform. Grab the box and carry it back through to get around the platform. Set it on the button and walk through the door to the elevator.

Chapter 4 - Testchamber 10-12

10 - This is just the slingshot training. Shoot a blue portal on the floor. The force of the fall translates to momentum as you leave the upper portal. Climb up the steps to the next room.

This just further training. Shoot a portal at the bottom of the pit and leap off to get thrown across the room.

The next one is a little more complicated. The orange portal is on the ground, so you need to get a blue portal at the top of white wall above the entrance. Wait for Glados to move it out and fire. Drop down and into the orange portal to make it to the next step.

Glados will advance the walls further. Put another blue portal at the top of the advanced portion and drop down into the orange portal again to make it to the exit. Go through to the elevator.

11 - We’ll finally get the orange portal upgrade for the gun. Watch the portal gun below. It shoots three orange portals. Wait for it to shoot one below the entrance and jump through your own blue portal. Look around. Press the red button to open up the door across from you. Fire a blue portal through it and wait for the gun to create an orange portal behind you again. Go through it to get inside with the portal gun. Watch for the orange portal gun to set up

Portal Walkthrough - Chapter 4

a portal again across from the receptor. Fire your own blue portal to put the energy ball into the main room and into the receptor. Wait once again for the orange portal to be in position. Fire a blue portal that you can reach and hope that the lift makes it back to that point before the portal gun fires again. You might have to wait a few times. Get onto the platform and ride it to the center gun. Grab it. Press the red button to open a door above and in front of the button. Fire a portal through it quickly. Create a second portal and jump through it to reach the elevator.

12 - Just some more slingshot stuff. Look above the pit for some white walls. Put a portal up there and another one in the pit. Drop down to make it to the second platform. Repeat this trick to get up to the third. This is where it gets a little tricky. Put one portal on the upward facing panel. We need to get a box for the red button. Drop down to the platform below and drop off again to make it up to the box dropping mechanism. Grab a box and jump over to the button. Drop it on the button and repeat the trick to make it back to the elevator.

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