Portal Guide - Chapter 8 - Testchamber 16

Portal Guide - Chapter 8 - Testchamber 16
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Chapter 8 - Testchamber 16

This is the military course and you actually have a little more freedom. You just need to knock these turrets over. You can do this by shooting an open portal under them to make them tip over and fall through. You can also pick them up and let go of them while moving them slightly (to make it a toss). Or you can use a cube to knock them over by doing a banzai run with the cube as a shield. The turrets will light you up pretty fast if you wander in front of them. The laser is also just a guide. They have a fairly wide field of fire and there’s only a slight delay for locking onto you.

Move forward and just tip over the one in front of you. You should be able to repeat this for the next one too if you approach from the side. Don’t just try to run past the turret covering the hallway. Use a portal on the other side to skip it all. There should be two boxes by a section that goes out (it’s also a secret hideout used by the last test subject, if you want some backstory). There’s an “X” above the turret in the hallway. Fire a portal above it and drop a box on top of it (or drop on it yourself).

Portal Walkthrough - Chapter 8 - Knocking Over Turrets

Repeat this careful on the next few turrets or just fire portals underneath them to get past. Once you get to the glass portion, you’ll need to think a little bit about what to do. These turrets cover the whole area. You will get shot a bit. One method that should work is firing a portal slightly above or behind them and dropping in back. Personally, I just grabbed a box and rushed the first turret. The box protected me from most of the gunfire until I just used the box to push it over. I was then able to flank the next turret and knock it over.

Move up a bit more to the next room with crossfire. You should be able to just repeat your tricks for this one too. Get a box onto the button and step back. There’s another turret behind the door, but this one is behind a fence. Step out and quickly shoot a portal behind it through the fence. Go through it to walk up behind the turret and knock it over.

Put another one on the side of the next turret. Just take it out and move up a bit further to make it to the elevator. Don’t worry, we’ll have more interesting turret challenges soon enough.

Chapter 9 - Testchamber 17


Portal Cheats - Chapter 9 - Companion Cube

his is the Companion Cube level. You need to get your companion cube through to the end. Start off by picking it up and using it as a stepping stone to get up the metal ledges. Pick it up and carry it forward to the energy chambers. Use the companion cube as a shield to deflect the energy balls back so that you can get through both alleys.

Drop down into the main room.

There are there large, red receptors and we need to get an energy ball into each of them. Let’s start with the first. Go off into the little room on the left with your companion cube. The red receptor is next to the shooter at a 90 degree angle. The metal walls prevent any portal stuff though.

Use the companion cube to deflect the ball into the receiver. Step back out and go into the other side room with the two buttons. You need to open both blast shields to let the energy ball back into the receptor. Put the companion cube on the raised platform. We’re going to have to stand on the one on the floor, but that’s for a little later.

Use portals to get back up on the ledge that you jumped off of earlier (it’s just above the little hidden area from the other test subject. Get back up there and put a portal onto the burned spot from the closest alley. Jump back down and remember which portal you used. Use the other one on the portion of the wall that extended just a bit. This should line it up fine. Run after it and get behind the glass shield and watch. You’ll probably have to wait for the second pass. As soon as the energy ball passes, run and step onto the button. You should be able to beat it and open the first door in time. It will lock into the receptor.

Portal Walkthrough - Chapter 9 - The Right Spot for a Ricochet Shot

Go back up to the energy alleys and get the second one. Note that for this one you’ll have to wait for the ball to pass and quickly do a long range shot onto the burned mark (unless you just want to get killed quickly or haul the companion cube up). Drop down and put the connecting portal close to the final receptor that’s on the diagonal surface by the platforms. Don’t put it on the orange light. Put it off to the left so that it hits the left diagonal and banks into the receptor. That should raise the third platform and finish the majority of the test.

Grab your companion cube and set it down close to the platforms. Use a portal to drop down on top of the first raised platform. Jump over the platforms until you come to the end. You should be able to jump off and make it to the raised portion of the area.

Carry the block over and set it on the button. Walk through to the side room and hit the red button. This will open up the incinerator. Grab the companion cube and drop it into the fire. Note that this is timed, so don’t take too long to do it, or else you’ll have to repeat the process. Once you kill your companion cube, Glados will open the door.

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