Portal 2 Guide - Chapter 2 - The Cold Boot

Portal 2 Guide - Chapter 2 - The Cold Boot
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Test 1

It’s time for something new. It seems like GLaDOS has been hiding her latest toy, lasers.

Put one portal above the orange light on the ceiling above the receptor, then walk onto the glass platform by the exit. Put one portal under the laser to power up the elevator, and raise the platform to reach the elevator.

Test 2

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Test 2 - Laser Redirection Cube

Now we get a new toy to play with the lasers (thermal discouragement beams). It’s time for the new laser redirection boxes. Walk over to the wreckage in the corner, and use a portal to get over to the cube. Carry the redirection box through, and use it to redirect the laser into the receiver. Climb the steps, and walk up to the button. Fire a portal on the floor, and another under the cube to bring it up to you. Grab it and drop it on the button to open the exit.

Test 3

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Test 3 - Chapter 2

Wait for the course to form, then use a portal to reach the raised platform with the redirection cube.

Look at the two lasers. You can’t reach the higher one, but we’ll handle that in a second. Put a portal above the metal platform, and carry the cube over to it. Direct the low laser into the receiver, and then use a portal on the wall to catch the higher beam. The other receiver is above the corner platform. Put a second portal under the receiver to redirect the laser into it. You can make the shot from the metal platform, just aim at the center of the floor.

Go through the door and into the elevator

Test 4

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Test 4

Start by crossing the pit and hitting the terminal to grab a cube, then go back to the entrance. Use a blue portal to catch the laser, and then use an orange one on the wall to power up the platform. Once the platform has moved, use the blue one to cross the pit and get rid of the laser. The color obviously doesn’t matter, but if you break the other portal, you won’t be able to power up the receiver once you’ve crossed.

Carry your cube over and get onto the platform. Set it down and fire the blue portal onto the wall to reconnect the laser and power the platform back up. Use the cube as a shield as you pass the laser, and then jump over to the exit. Drop the cube on the button and go through to the elevator.

Test 5

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Test 5

Just a quick new gadget to learn about for test 5. Step onto the catapult (aerial faith plate) to fly across the room. Push the button to make a cube fall and start bouncing. You need to wait and step onto the faith plate as the box hits the spring to catch it in air, without hitting it hard enough to slow you down and make you crash. Jump back across with your box, and drop it on the button to open the exit.

Test 6

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Test 6

The advanced plates aren’t much harder, so don’t worry. Step onto the plate and ride it around, but watch for the wall. When you approach it, fire one portal onto the lower one and one onto the higher one. If you can’t nail the reflexes, then you can get a shot at the platforms from the edge of the first platform.

Hit the button once you make it to the other side, and wait for the trash to pass. Hit the button again to release the cube. You don’t have to catch it, just fire a portal down at the bottom of the pit, and another on the wall to grab it.

Look past the cube release button on the left side and look to the ceiling. Put one portal up there, and another on the wall. Drop the box through this portal to set off the button and open the exit.

Test 7

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Test 7

Use a portal to get past the laser, and grab the companion cube. Wait and grab another…and then another. GLaDOS will leave the third alone. Use it to break the laser beam, but put it roughly in the center. This will cut the platform’s power and make it fall. Get onto the elevator, and fire one portal on the side and another under the companion cube to restore the beam.

Go up, and put one portal on the slanted platform across from the slightly lower platform. Drop down into the pit, and grab the companion cube. Put one on the ground and carry it through, then drop down with the companion cube in hand to fling yourself across and reach the button.

Drop the companion cube on the button, and look across. Put another portal on the other slanted platform, and launch yourself across. The field is broken, so if you want the “preservation of mass” achievement, fire one portal on the side of the exit. Grab the companion cube and fire another portal to carry it past. GLaDOS won’t let you keep it for long though.

Test 8

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Test 8

Go through the emancipation field and hit the button to drop a redirection cube. Right next to the button is a hole in the glass. Fire one portal through it, and another on this side of the field to make a work around. Note that going through that field will reset portals too, so you have to use this workaround.

Fire a new portal on the wall that’s lower, and go back through with it. Redirect the beam through the field to power up the door. Go through the exit.

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