Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - The Courtesy Call

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - The Courtesy Call
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Wheatley’s Wake Up Call

Just go through the training that occurs at the very start, and wait for Wheatley to come back and wake you up. Once things settle down, drop out and into your old room. Time to get a little bit of nostalgia. Leave through the portal and drop the cube on the button to open up the door.

Test 1

This just a simple button test. Push the button on the right to get the cube, then the one on the left to put the box on the button. Go back out, and push the front button to reach the door.

Test 2

Walk up to the stand and then hang on as you fall through the floor. Once you recover, just swim forward to find the portal gun. Climb the stairs and grab it. It’s just a single portal gun though, so we’re still a bit limited.

Make a portal in front of you to reach the upper stairs, then climb the platforms and go through the offices.

You’ve only got a blue portal for now, so make it to the next room where you can see the orange portal ahead. Fire one blue portal onto the wall to cross the gap, then turn to the right and fire a blue one across the next pit. Go through the orange portal to reach the door.

A Refresher Course in Portals

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - Test 4

Test 3

Approach the pit to drop down to the box. Grab the box, fire a portal down at the ground and then take it back through the portal to get back out to the main level. Drop the cube on the button to open up the exit.

Test 4

You need two boxes for the button. Start by firing a blue portal on the floor, and use that to get onto the empty platform. Look across the gap and fire a blue portal behind the box on the other platform. Go through, grab it and drop it off the edge.

Go back through the portal so that you’re standing on the first platform, and look down into the pit. Fire a portal into the pit to grab the second box. Carry it onto the main floor and put both boxes on the buttons to open the exit. Fire one portal at the wall to get around the glass, and then proceed to the next station.

You can go up the rusty stairs to explore the office if you want, otherwise, go around the wreckage and through the door.

Tests 5

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Test 5 - Chapter 1

We first need to get the stairs working. The button on the floor powers the stairs, but we don’t have a box yet. Press the terminal button on the floor and follow the blue line to find the dispenser. Fire a portal under the cube to dump it out by the button. Move the box and wait for the stairs to form.

Go up the steps to reach two more stations. The one on the left drops a box, and the one on the right raises the section of bridge on the course. You first need to put a blue portal on the platform under the dispenser. Hit the button to make the cube fall, and then hit the button on the right to raise the bridge and keep the box from falling into the water. Run down, grab the box and put it on the button to open the exit.

Test 6

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Test 6 - Chapter 1

Time to remember flinging. This one is a little more complicated though. Go up to the pit and look down the “diving board.” Shoot a portal down and drop through it to fling across the gap. We still need a box though. Look through the hole in the glass box and fire a portal down through the cube to drop it onto the course. Drop down, pick it up and fling yourself across the gap again. Don’t worry about fitting it through the hole, just hold onto it and it should stay with you.

Drop it on the button and go through the door.

The next room is a bit more complicated, but basically the same. This time the orange portal is in the pit. Look to the left and put a blue portal on the slanted white platform. Then jump down into the orange portal to fling across the gap and land by the box. Look into the upper right corner, fire a new blue portal and carry the box through with you to land on the raised section. Drop the cube on the button to form a new platform above you. Look up and make sure that your blue portal is roughly lined up with the new metal platform, and then jump through again. The platform will stop your fall and you can go through the exit.

GLaDOS’ Chamber

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - Say Hello to GLaDOS’

Just approach Wheatley and fire the new portal when he says. Wait for him to drop and pick him up. Carry him over to the wall outlet, and turn around to give him some privacy while he opens the wall.

Walk along the catwalk until you come to the new doors in the facility, and then walk through the wreckage and past GLaDOS’ chamber. Go past the old incinerator and drop down to the platform below.

Walk through to the main breaker room to plug him in and meet an old friend.

Once you regain control control, look around for the dual portal device. Cross the incinerator on the wreckage, and wait for GLaDOS to raise the metal and reveal the portal gun. Pick it up and look above you to fire one portal. Put another on the wall to get through. Basically just keep repeating this to move forward around the wreckage, then look for a raised room on the right. Use a portal to get up to it, and get an angle to fire though the broken window into the room across from you. Go through it to reach the 19th course. Walk to the end to reach the elevator and get in to reach the new course.


All screenshots from “Portal 2.”

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Chell’s back, and we need to get out of the facility. For now, that means playing along with Wheatley and GLaDOS, relearning your portal skills and doing a whole lots of tests for the good of science.

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