PC Gaming Previews

PC Gaming Previews

Top 10 New PC Game Releases

Fortunately for us avid PC gamers, there are plenty of games coming out over the next couple of summer months. Here is a top 10 list of the most favorable new PC game releases that will surely have any serious gamer salivating over the prospect of playing them. Read on for the full rundown…

Preview to Upcoming Horror MMOs

MMO games have neglected the horror genre preferring to churn out fantasy and sci-fi themed games but the demand is there for something a little scarier. This article delves into the dark side and brings back news of current horror MMOs and some exciting prospects in development.

The 5 Hot PC Games of 2009

Some think the PC is dead as a gaming platform, but 2009 will ruin that argument thanks to several awesome-looking titles that should leave console players with a sad look on their face. Here’s 5 titles that will be impressing players in 2009.