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    • Guide to Fighting Games: Character Secrets, Bare Basics and Special Moves
      Executing the right moves and combos is crucial to survive a bloody brawl. You should also learn what are the strength and weaknesses of each competitive fighter. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to achieve victory.
    • Streets of Rage Remake Review
      The Streets of Rage remake may have been pulled from the Internet at the request of Sega, but that won't stop Bright Hub from reviewing the fan-made game. Is this 2D beat 'em up a worthwhile title for fans of the series?
    • EVO's Past: The History of the Largest Fighting Game Tournament
      Warriors from across the globe gather yearly on the Vegas hotspot to throw down and determine the ultimate fighting game champion. The Evolution fighting game tournament has been host to countless memories and stories, with each holding a special place in the history of competitive gaming.
    • Will World of JingWu Ever Come to North America?
      Even though fighting games are popular, massive multiplayer online fighting games are not a common genre for PC (or console) gamers. The new World of JingWu Online offers everything Tekken and Street Fighter does, only it's not for North American gamers.
    • Budokan: The Martial Spirit - Retro PC Game Review
      Though regarded by some as “unrealistic", at a time "Budokan" produced a fair simulation of martial combat with 4 main weapons – Karate, Kendo, Nunchaku and Bo). Read more about this once popular game in this article.
    • Streets of Rage Remake Impressions
      We defy "the man" and check out the taboo fan-made Streets of Rage Remake.
    • Boxing Video Games: K.O. Champs Review
      K.O. Champs is a boxing simulation game. Develop your fighter as you take part in matches. Get new skills and develop your gym and arena. Play with other members and join a boxing club.
    • World Of JingWu English Game Guide For Downloading And Registering
      The free-to-play MMO World of JingWu is available for global players but only supports the Chinese language. Hence, here is an English guide to help players get registered and download the game.
    • World Of JingWu Review (OurGame Version)
      Fighting fans looking for an MMO fighting game like Tekken are usually left high and dry. But OurGame has a Chinese MMO game that's very much like Tekken...although, is it worth reading through an English game guide to play World of JingWu? Keep reading to find out.
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