UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game Guide - Become a champion on Facebook

UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game Guide - Become a champion on Facebook
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Game Basics

In UFC Undisputed Fight Nation game guide, you are a UFC fighter working your way up the ranks. Train your fighter in different discipline such as kickboxing, wresting, or Judo. Each camp features numerous moves that you can train to make your fighter better in that one discipline. As you level up more, you’ll add other camps and train your fighter even more. You can buy equipment in the game store to use with different training sessions as you play the game. After training you can fight amateurs, pros, and even spar with your friends playing the game.

How To Train

UFC Fight Nation

Before you begin to fight, you’ll want to pick a discipline and start training your weak fighter. Click on the train button and select one of the camps available to you. This will bring you a series of moves you can train to help your fighter in the ring. So for example, in the kickboxing camp you have the jab, cross, round kick, hook, axe kick, up kick, and other moves you can perform during your match wit another player. It is up to you to decide which moves you want. You can train each move several times, which will improve the move in the ring. Each move uses energy to train and one in the ring the move will drop your stamina rating when it’s used against your opponent. Some moves also require you to buy equipment in the game store to begin training. Each time you train a move you’ll get credits and experience back as a reward. It’s a good idea to select a few moves to train so your fighter has balance in different areas.

Your Fighter Stamina

When you fight, stamina is very important. If you run out during the fight, your fighter goes into gassed mode and your moves won’t work. Be sure you balance your training moves so you don’t use up all your stamina right away. It is better to train up low stamina moves at first since you won’t have much to work with as a new fighter. As you get more stamina points, you can add in larger moves so you can make bigger hits and last longer in the ring.


UFC Fight Nation

In the game, you can’t control your fighter so it all comes down to the moves you buy and how much stamina you have. On the fight screen, you can match yourself up with a player at or near your level. It is not a good idea to fight someone higher in level than you are because you will just lose the match. You can spar with a Facebook friend from this screen too. When you have played the game for a long time and leveled up you can start to fight actual UFC fighters like BJ Penn or Frankie Edgar. Matches go through a series of moves and rounds and then the fight is over. Be sure your fighter has full health and stamina points before stepping into he ring to fight a match.

Game Store

In the game store you can buy several different items to help your fighter perform in the ring or to help with training. You will need many UFC points to buy many of these items, which is the game cash and not basic credits. Basic players don’t need to buy this stuff but you will be at a disadvantage to players who spend cash in the game by a mile.

  • Energy – These cost UFC points and give your fighter energy to resume fighting.
  • Fighter – Buy training tickets to buy special moves. You can also win tickets by fighting friends.
  • Health – Use game credits or cash to buy health packs to top up your fighter health so you can fight more matches in less time.
  • Stamina – Buy stamina packs here so you can fight again in less time.
  • Equipment – You need equipment for many of the training moves. Buy it with credits or game cash.
  • Camps – Buy new camps with credits. You’ll unlock more as you play the game.
  • Buy Credits or Cash - Get extra game credits here in exchange for game cash or just buy game cash to purchase items.


UFC Fight Nation

Enjoy the game and have fun training your fighter. be sure to match up agianst players your level so you have a chance at winning the match. Try to train your fighter in different camps once you have the credits to buy them so your fighter has a good balance. From there you can train up more moves and eventually you’ll have a decent fighter to work with in the game.


All images from UFC Undisputed Fight Nation.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing UFC Undisputed Fight Nation on Facebook.