Monday Night Combat Guide : Rolling Assasin, Steamrolling the Enemy Team

Monday Night Combat Guide : Rolling Assasin, Steamrolling the Enemy Team
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Monday Night Combat Guide : Stalking Your Prey as the Assassin

Out of all the classes in Monday Night Combat, the Assassin class is the most fiercely discussed, and oftentimes the most hated. Using all of their skills effectively, they become the best at farming bots, destroying other players, and the moneyball. They are very powerful against everything, but make for a very poor support class. Assassins should focus on attacking and aggressive playing. A good, and even decent Assassin will leave a path of corpses behind her. There is a good chance of you being the most hated player on the opposing team. A patient Assassin is outdone by nothing except her own mistakes.


MNC Skill Wheel

The assassin has skills that allow her to move faster, escape when detected, and move undetected. They allow her to fall great distances without taking damage, and in the end, improve her damage. Her skills aren’t used to kill, but more to get close to your enemies, or to escape from harm. They are tools to accelerate the amount of kills you score, and to assure that you survive to score more. Keeping an eye on your cooldowns and money is essential to playing an Assassin. Without your skills, you will most likely be ejected from the arena in a particularly unflattering way. Baseball bats come to mind.

Passive Skill

The Assassin’s passive skill allows her to fall much greater distances without taking damage after you first upgrade it. Upon obtaining Level 3, you are granted a sword which does more damage. A fully upgraded assassin’s grapple will kil any enemy assault, sniper, or assassin from the front. All enemies except for the Tank will be killed from an Assassin’s level 3 backstab.

Smoke Bomb

The Assassin’s Smoke Bomb skill allows her to blind nearby enemies / stun bots and increases her jump height for a few seconds. Each increase in level will increase the blinding range of the smoke bomb and decrease recovery time.


Death of an Assassin

Cloak allows the Assassin to become partially invisible for a period of time. You are still somewhat visible at close range, but invisible at longer ranges. Each increase in this skill decreases cloak drain time, and increases cloak recovery time. At maximum level you can remain invisible indefinitely by not moving. You are also granted one second of critical damage when using the Shuriken Launcher.


The Dash ability grants the Assassin a large boost in movement speed while active. Each increase in this ability will grant you more time to dash and a quicker recovery time after completing your dash. This ability can be used while the Assassin is cloaked.

Skill Progression and Farming

You’ll want to get the sword as soon as possible. It will greatly increase your damage output against players and bots, and the extra ammo you get from your level 2 passive will be useful for harassing enemy players. For taking out large groups of bots or anything tougher than Slims, use a smoke bomb to stun the bots and take them all out while they’re immobilized. Bots can also be safely taken out from a distance with your Shuriken Launcher. After dispatching a wave of bots, sprint to the battle zone and pick up all the cash and juice you can. Remember to stay out of harm’s way. If you’re still a beginner to Monday Night Combat, guide your efforts towards racking up bot kills and money. Getting the upper hand with your skills will make transitioning to the Assassin playstyle easier.

Using Your Skills

Assassin Feature

Use your rush ability to chase enemy players and/or get the jump on them. Rush is an incredibly effective tactic for chasing low health and weaker players. The same goes for smoke bomb. Using the smoke bomb to jump over walls and get behind your enemy will generally be more stealthy than running around the corner with Cloak active. Sprint is useful and it’s use is pretty straightforward. A common mistake people make is not keeping an eye on their dash bar and running out before they reach their enemy. This will leave you slower and in the middle of enemy territory. Use cloak as often as possible, but make sure to keep some charge on you for when you get into a pinch.

Monday Night Combat : Assassin Weapons and How To Use Them

Assassin Grapple Kill

The shuriken gauntlet is incredibly versatile. Shoot at walls to ricochet your shurikens at enemy players or bots hiding behind walls. You can use the shuriken gauntlet to harass enemy snipers or disorient them so that you can get in close for a kill. Your sword will kill bots faster than any other weapon and can be used to quickly gain cash and juice. The sword will also be your main method of killing other players. By getting a back-grapple off on your opponent, you are sentencing them to death. Only Tanks can survive a backstab if your passive ability is maxed out. If your grapple doesn’t kill your target, then let off a smoke bomb and either jump away, or attempt to finish them off with your sword. Another viable tactic is to throw a smoke bomb, step back, and pull out your Shuriken Launcher to finish your enemy off.

Building A Custom Class

Picking gold armor endorsements will allow you to survive a grapple from an enemy assassin and every other class. This is incredibly useful, as you’ll find yourself getting counter grabbed often when you mistakenly front-grapple. Speed endorsements let you move faster, but you’re already very fast with your sprint ability. The extra speed can sometimes be detrimental to your score, as you’ll find yourself “overlunging” your grapples. Juice endorsements increase how fast your juice bar fills, which is great as an assassin. A juiced Assassin can kill most players with 2-3 sword swings. Skill recovery endorsements let you use your smoke bomb faster, and makes your sprint and cloak recharge faster.

I recommend stacking Gold Armor Endorsements with Silver Skill Recovery Endorsements and Bronze Fire Rate Endorsements. This will make you deadlier with your Shuriken Launcher, increase your survivability, and generally help you score more kills and points. Although in Monday NIght Combat, Assassin endorsement builds vary a lot. Be sure to try out anything that may seem interesting, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Closing Comments

PAXEast Assassin

Be patient as the Assassin. Your enemy is going no place, and missing a grapple and getting ejected from the arena is a frustrating experience. Make sure that every grapple counts, and don’t suicide face-grapple unless you’ve run out of options. Generally it is safer always to throw a smoke bomb and try to get the backstab / jump away and come back later. It’s always a much sweet moment when you finally get the drop on a player you’ve been trying to kill for the last 10 minutes when they haven’t stacked up kills on you. Be careful about hanging around enemy players while cloaked. The cloak does make a slight humming noise that can be detected if players are observant. Also, be aware when sprinting while cloaked. The Assassin kicks up small dust clouds that are visible to others while sprinting. Out of all the classes in Monday Night Combat, Assassin requires the most patience and more thought than most of the other classes.

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