Need for Speed World Guide, Tips And Strategies

Need for Speed World Guide, Tips And Strategies
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Sprinting Across The World

_Tearing up the road in NFS World_

Need for Speed World is a free-world racing game that focuses on three different racing types within the Need for Speed universe. These races are spawned from previous Need for Speed titles, namely Need for Speed Underground and Need for Speed Most Wanted. The three modes in the game include Circuit, which focuses on laps around designated areas of the city; Pursuit, which is classic cops versus racers; and Sprint, which is a point-to-point race from one area of the map to the other.

This Need for Speed World guide for Sprint races will help teach players what skills are best suited for a Sprint race, as well as a few tips and tricks for beginner racers to take full advantage of the early-game races.

Sprint Cars…Not Pursuit Cars

Mitsubishi at its finest

When doing Pursuit mode in NFS World there’s no real need to grab a specific car. However, unlike Pursuit the whole point of Sprint is to get to the finish line using whatever means necessary and, for the most part, being able to quickly navigate through the tracks while maintaining top speed as much as possible. This may seem like an easy feat to accomplish, however, not every car is suited for the task.

While muscle cars might seem cool and fun to drive, they aren’t really suitable for winning Sprint runs. Instead, it’s best to settle with a Honda or Mitsubishi as a starting car, as they have the best top speed and acceleration for the newb cars in Tier 1.

Secret Routes

Running a sprint

Each track on a Sprint run usually has a few secret routes or shortcuts that enable the player to pass through hazardous turns or avoid certain aspects of the track that would otherwise diminish speed. The best way to find secret routes is to play the track on single-player mode and just ride through the sprint while looking at the map. The short cuts are the parts of the map that are usually to the far left or right of the track that shorten the path from one destination to the next. Oftentimes it’s to cut corners or shorten turns around lengthy tracks.

Track Traps

Taking a shortcut

Another thing to look for are traps or track hazards. These are stationary points on a track that can be deconstructed by a player and used as an obstacle or road hazard to other players. Just like with the secret routes, be sure to scout out a raceway first and find a good strategy for using the hazards to your advantage. The best way to find the hazards is to look for the red indicators flashing near the objects. Slightly hitting the red indicators will cause the hazard to fall, explode or cave in, creating a decent roadblock for anyone following behind you.

Power-Ups That Don’t Fail

Choosing power-ups before a race

Just like it requires a fair amount powered-up skills to effectively complete a round or two of pursuits, it also requires a decent amount of power-ups in the Sprint skill category to make the most out of each race. Otherwise, you could end up roadkill and in last place each and every race.

Necessary skills to keep leveled include Fast Start, so that you can boost off the starting line when your RPMs are in the green zone. Combining this with the power-up skill to increase the length of turbo works quite well because once you get off the starting line you can boost shortly after with an extended turbo. This combination can also be combined with the Power-Up Ready skill that instantly cools a recently used skill. If you level-up the Power-Up Ready skill you can continually boost with turbo and then use PUR so you can instantly use turbo once more. The combination works wonders for lengthy Sprint tracks with a lot of straight-aways. Another important skill is the one that boosts performance when in 3rd or lower place. Each level boosts your performance by 5% when you’re in 3rd or lower place during a race, which can significantly help out if you hit a snag or get turned around due to ramming.

A Good Time To Go Juggernaut

Taking the scenic route

Since you can only use four power-up skills per mode, it’s good to keep necessary skills on-hand that are useful for actually winning the race. A standard combination of skills to use for a Sprint would be turbo (of course), power-up ready, traffic magnet and, despite its reliance on the player being behind other racers, juggernaut. In actuality, juggernaut is a good skill to use to plow through other players and civilian cars, which can work as a blockade for racers trailing behind you, especially if there are no hazards available to use against the other racers.

Hopefully this guide helped lay out some of the basics for approaching the Sprint races in Need for Speed World. If you still need guides for other racing games such as Project Torque or UpShift Strikeracer, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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