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Need for Speed World Preview

by: Tye Yorkshire ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Need for Speed World takes the racing genre to a whole new level. Regardless of how skilled or unskilled an individual may be at racing, this game allows every person to play the game in an enjoyable manner. This Need for Speed World preview will help you understand this game, and its elements.

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    As in other well-known games like World of Warcraft, the creation of characters is a unique and fun experience to undertake. As outlined by the Need for Speed World preview, these characters are referred to as Drivers. Drivers earn Reputation, also known as Rep, which contributes to their level. As an individual gains more Rep and more levels, new skills and features will be unlocked for them to use.

    When a player first starts Need for Speed World, he or she will be required to create their Driver and select an icon to represent them. After, they will need to select the car. Each player is provided $35,000 to purchase a $20,000 car and customize it with the remaining money. The player can also save this remaining money for purchasing another car in the future. Once the car is bought and customization has been completed, the player can begin gameplay.

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    Need For Speed World Screenshot As previously mentioned, Rep contributes to the Driver's overall level in the game. This Rep is obtained through winning races - both multiplayer and single player - as well as from evading police and collecting Lucky Draw cards. As a Driver earns additional levels, new features become available.

    Different races and race types will be unlocked, new skills specific to how a player plays will be available, new cars will be revealed and available to purchase, and lastly, different customization options for cars will be available. All of this information, including your current level and statistics, are included in the Driver's Profile.

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    Need For Speed World Screenshot One important topic to cover in this Need for Speed World preview is the actual gameplay. There are three major activities that a player can partake in, all with their different features.

    The first of which is the actual racing aspect of the game. Players can race others head-to-head in a multiplayer environment, or by themselves in an AI Single-Player Script game. Players can join these races through the map anywhere in the world, or drive to the actual entrances.

    In terms of rewards, players are able to acquire Rep, cash, or Lucky Draw cards for completing the race. Note that it doesn't matter where a player finishes, as long as he or she completes the course a reward will be given; though it is usually greater for those whom place higher.

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    Need For Speed World Screenshot Pursuit is the second gameplay style available. This entails evading cops whom chase after a player for committing crimes. To start a pursuit, a player just needs to run into a police car. As soon as this happens, a "Pursuit Meter" will show up.

    The goal for the player is to get the left portion of the bar filled in blue. When filled, a new bar will appear labelled "Cooldown." As long as the players avoids all police while this bar fills, the player will win the pursuit. If for any reason the player is intervened by the police, the bar will return to the "Pursuit Meter" and the pursuit will resume.

    Rewards for winning a pursuit include Rep and cash. The longer the pursuit, and the more cars that the player hits, the greater the rewards. Losing a pursuit will result in a large fine.

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    The final gameplay is meant as a break from the traditional racing and pursuit activities. This gameplay is exploring Need for Speed World. A player has the opportunity to drive through city after city, area after area, and street after street. He or she can explore the farthest reaches of the maps and gain valuable rewards while doing so.

    Additionally, because the player can enter a race or start a pursuit anywhere in the world at anytime they please, this gameplay does not get in the way of others. In a way, it is just meant to give you something to do if your bored or need a break from the other gameplays.

    The wonderful thing about this type of play is the fact that it is so calming and relaxing. Instead of worrying about the constant fear of getting caught by police, or the pressure to acheive first place in a specific race, an individual can just enjoy the scenery while driving around.

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    Other Features

    Need For Speed World Screenshot Although the above are main features, there are some smaller features in the game that deserve an honorable mention in this Need for Speed World preview.

    Need for Speed games have always been adored for the car customization options. These options are furthur enhanced with the Safehouse feature of the game, an area in which the player can purchase, customize, or review his or her cars. Additionally, there are a number of new features and options when it comes to paint, vinyl, and tires; proving the opportunity to perfect one's vehicle.

    Powerups are another important element, though are largely self-explanatory. These are acquired through Lucky Draw cards, and each is meant for a specific gameplay. For example, any powerups labelled in blue are meant for racing, whereas orange is pursuit and green is explore. These powerups enhance the player's vehicle to excel in one of these three gameplays.

    Lastly, Need for Speed World would not be an MMO without supreme social features. Players can add their real-life and ingame friends to a list for easy contact, and full-integrated chat keeps players connected.

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    Need for Speed World Release Date & Need for Speed World Download Details

    Need For Speed World Screenshot Certainly, Need for Speed World sounds like a thrilling and enjoyable game. There is no question that combining the success of MMOs with the entertainment of racing games will produce steadfast results for the company. The best part is that the game will be on shelves soon.

    The Need for Speed World announcement declared that the game is to be released on July 27, 2010. Those whom pre-ordered a copy of this game have been able to play since July 20th. A copy of this game can be purchased at a local game retailer. There is also a Need for Speed World download available on the main website of the game. To access the Need for Speed World download, an individual will need to create an EA account and login. This can be done on the game's official website, and be completed within 5 minutes.