End of Nations Preview: RTSMMO and Game Story

End of Nations Preview: RTSMMO and Game Story
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What is the End of Nations? Preview.

Introducing the End of Nations RTSMMO game. The first of its kind, End of Nations is expected to be as big as World of Warcraft. It is a well-known fact that real-time strategy games have provided many with prolonged periods of entertainment. The only problem is that the game eventually becomes dull or boring, as the user creates game after game. This problem is now solved by End of Nations. Combining the fun of real-time strategy and the addicting quality of massively multiplayer online games has developed a game that is sure to revolutionize the way games are created in the coming years.

Introducing the RTSMMO

End of Nations uses an advanced genre. With the popularity of the real-time strategy game, it would be an obvious choice to select such a genre. At the same time, a massively multiplayer online game provides its players with enjoyment and the constant attempt to improve one’s character. End of Nations has brilliantly figured out a way to combine both genres and form the first real-time strategy massively multiplayer online game.

Players are given the best of both game styles. Players can create, deploy, and command their troops to accomplish a specific objective. At the same time, the player progresses their personal Commander through group and solo play; acquiring experience to fuel the growth of their armies and abilities. Players can even obtain and lose territories when they are not playing.

The Story

End Of Nations Air Raid Screenshot

End of Nations is set in the 21st century. An economic collapse has ushered civilization into complete chaos and havoc, as thousands of people kill for food and riots form night after night. After months of continued despair, a new entity arises in an attempt to restore justice and order. The Order of Nations utilizes effective and advanced weaponry systems in an attempt to take control of society. Some say that the harsh violence is needed to restore peace, while others criticize it. Though many civilians welcome their presence with open arms, they soon find themselves controlled by the Order.

People no longer have the freedom to live their lives as they once did. The Order of Nations kills hundreds of people that do not abide by their newfound laws and regulations. Others are taken away in the dead of the night. Though food and organization has been restored to much of the land the Order commands, it has come with an astronomical consequence. Society no longer has the right to do as they wish, and complete obedience now falls in the hands of those whom lead the Order.

End Of Nations Land Battle

The new entity, focused on acquiring the entire world in their grasp and ruling it with a one-government iron first, has sparked an increase in revolutionaries. Hundreds of thousands of people are against the views that the Order of Nations has, and are attempting to break their command. Now, newly crowned Commanders lead their forces and wage battle against the Order and other Commanders that do not share common goals. Their goal is simple: to restore peace to humanity without limiting the amount of freedom society has.

The End of Nations has begun. The war for peace and freedom against the Order of Nations is underway, as hundreds of units, Commanders, and weapons clash against each other in a desperate attempt to obtain control.

Cooperate and Conquer

Cooperate and Conquer is the interactive type of play that players can participate in. Players can decidedly group with others and battle on the fronts of the most infamous and ominous Order of Nations defenses. While playing solo provides enjoyment and experience, the player will not be able to complete certain missions and objectives without the use of a group; let alone combat the hardest defense systems developed.

In addition to greater experience and entertainment, the Cooperate and Conquer gameplay provides players with enhanced rewards. Destroying certain enemies and completing certain objectives in this gameplay will unlock new units, abilities, and items that the player can use to dominate. Not only that, but players can opt to enter the PvP maps; where they will battle head to head against more than fifty other Commanders.

Deploy Your Army

End Of Nations Battle

End of Nations would not be considered an RTSMMO without the RTS. Players can develop, improve, and deploy the units they have acquired against the Order of Nations or other players. Unlike traditional RTS games, where the player can simply create unit after unit, End of Nations has a unique approach to the armies.

Every unit is different. Each with their own strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and most importantly, point values. All of these different values contribute to specific scenarios, and as the Commander, you must determine which units will play the best role in the specific area. Each area has a capped point-value and each unit contributes to these points. This means that the player must think and develop a strategic combination of units to obliterate enemies.


As with most other MMO games, the player is provided with a specific character that they are required to level. In End of Nations, this character is referred to as the Commander. Players must acquire experience through solo gameplay or cooperative gameplay to unlock new units and abilities. Although solo gameplay provides experience, the group gameplay will offer increased amounts of it. Depending on your specific playing style and personality, you may opt for either. This experience is incremental too, meaning when you log out and back in, you will still have the same amount of experience.

End Of Nations HQ Concept Art

In addition to units and new abilities, the experience a Commander receives will help him create a Headquarters. This will allow the Commander to research new technologies, including weapons and vehicles. Units can also be stored in this Headquarters to keep them away from dangerous encounters.

The base will also provide players with the opportunity to trade. Commanders will meet and make exchanges in an attempt to acquire additional resources, ultimately contributing to the number of units and weapons a Commander can create. Lastly, the base will provide the Commander with spying opportunities and secretive information.


Like advancement, almost every MMO provides players with the option to select a specific class. This is another area in which End of Nations excels. The game provides users with the opportunity to select a specific class, each with their own playing style, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and troops. When a player first starts the game, they will be required to select their class. It is a great idea to weigh out the pros and cons of each class and determine which would fit your gameplay best.

A single Commander will not be able to efficiently destroy hordes of enemies coming from the Order of Nations, but together with other Commanders and other classes; the chances of success are far greater. Depending on which class a user selects, the Commander will only be able to use certain abilities and create specific units. This means grouping will be an essential aspect in the game for those missions that require more than one type of unit.


End Of Nations Tank Concept Art

One of the last great features within this game is Manufacturing. Players can loot resources off of certain enemies, acquire them through missions, trade with other Commanders for them, and buy them at stores. They can then use these resources to craft certain items, kits, vehicles, and ammunitions. The type of item manufactured is dependent on what type of plans the player has and how far they have progressed in their chosen manufacturing skill.

Needless to say, those whom constantly work on this manufacturing ability will be able to create more advanced weapons and items than those whom primarily focus on experience and leveling. Maintaining constant and consistent manufacturing efforts is an integral part of the game.

Get Ready for the End of Nations

End Of Nations Cinematic Screenshot

End of Nations is a complex, massive, and challenging game to create. As such, Trion and Petroglyph do not yet have an estimated release date. In terms of progress for the game, it is expected to enter the closed Beta testing procedure very soon.

Many people whom have played Rise of Nations or Age of Empires will surely enjoy this game, but the interesting aspect is that many whom play MMOs such as World of Wacraft or Warhammer will also enjoy this game. The combination of two genres is an innovative approach to creating a new game, and many companies will make an attempt to follow this same idea.

Tweaks will of course be needed when the game first comes out; however, after balancing and fixing End of Nations up, it is assured to be an enjoyable and challenging game to play. With the sheer amount of players that can play on a map at any time, End of Nations will be an addicting and thrilling experience.