Top Xbox 360 Achievements for Need for Speed Shift: Fasten Your Seatbelts to Earn Achievement Points

Top Xbox 360 Achievements for Need for Speed Shift: Fasten Your Seatbelts to Earn Achievement Points
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The Need for Speed franchise has offered many twists and turns. From nitro-boosting arcade racing to cops and robbers, NFS games went beyond racing. Take the example of Need for Speed Undercover! All it had was cop chases and crazy street racing stuff. Nevertheless, NFS does something different this time—it offers a perfect simulation racing title without providing any flashy stuff. With a true-to-life immersive driving experience, Need for Speed: Shift recreates the feeling of high speed car racing and offers an authentic driving experience much awaited by NFS aficionados.

Need for Speed: Shift has many near-realistic features. The 3D head-up display apes head movements of the driver. Shift’s realistic damage engine and awesome visual and sound effects reenact the damage and dizziness experienced by real-life car racers. The screen will blur after any serious crash and the game will get disrupted for a few seconds. The screeching sound with subsequent loud thuds and bangs add realism to the crash scene.

While there may not be as many Need for Speed Shift Xbox360 cheats, there are plenty of achievements for the speed lover. The achievements for Need for Speed Shift will earn you more gamerscore points. These achievements are well-categorized according to different sets of gamerscore points.

Need for Speed Shift Xbox 360 Cheats and Achievements: 5 and 10 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Bronze Earner: Acquire five bronze badges to earn this title and 5 gamerscore points

Silver Earner: the 5 silver badges earned will award you 5 gamerscore points

Driving Rookie: Get to the second level to earn this achievement.

Bronze Hunter: Secure ten bronze badges

Trial by Fire: Finish the Pre-Race Event in NFS Live

Silver Hunter: Get at least ten silver badges

Gold Hunter: Secure ten gold badges and get 5 game points

Epic Earner: Secure five Epic Badges

Achievements for Need for Speed Shift: 15 Gamerscore Points

Bronze Collector: Get fifteen bronze badges to earn the Bronze Collector Title

Silver Collector: Secure 15 Silver Badges

Epic Hunter: Secure ten Epic Badges

Need for Speed Shift Achievements: 20 Gamerscore Points

Achievements for Need for Speed Shift

Bronze Master: Get at least 20 bronze color badges to earn this title and 20 gamerscore points

Silver Master: Secure 20 silver color Badges

Gold Collector: Get 15 gold color Badges

Epic Collector: Acquire 15 Epic Badges

Achievements for Need for Speed Shift: 25 Gamerscore Point

One Small Step: A triumphant first event victory will seal this achievement for you

Driving Amateur: Drive to Level 5 to get this achievement

Gold Master: Secure 20 Gold color Badges to achieve this title.

Epic master: Get 20 Epic Badges to earn the Epic Master Title.

Need for Speed Shift Xbox360 Cheats and Achievements: 50 Gamerscore Points

Need for Speed Shift screenshot 2

Driving Semi-Pro: Get to Level 10 to achieve this title

Driving Pro: Drive to Level 20 to achieve this title

Driving Veteran: reaching level 30 can easily earn you this title.

Driving Hero: Elevate to level 40

Driving Legend: Drive to level 50

Need for Speed Shift: 100 and 150 Gamerscore Points

Road to Success: elevate to second tier to earn this title

Chance of a Lifetime: Drive to the third tier

The Final Countdown: elevate to the fourth tier

NFS Live World Champion: This achievement carries the highest gamerscore points—a total of 150 points. All you have to do is secure a triumphant victory in the NFS Live World Championship.

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