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Need for Speed Shift PS3 Trophy List

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A list of all the PS3 trophies and what you need to do to earn them in the new car racing game called Need for Speed Shift.

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    Need for Speed Shift Trophies

    NFS-Shift-box Need for Speed Shift currently offers gamers the chance to win thirty trophies while playing on the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console. Although it is a great game, I thought these trophy options are kind of slim because they don’t require anything special of you to complete them. Most of these trophies will eventually be earned just for playing the game long enough and winning enough races. I would like to see some added that reward for certain driving techniques. Below you will find a list of the PS3 trophies available in Need for Speed Shift.

    If you are having trouble completing some of these, check out my Need for Speed Shift tips and tricks to help improve your driving technique and get you more experience points in the game.

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    Bronze Trophies

    nfss1 Trial by Fire

    You’ll get this trophy as soon as you finish the pre-race event where you earn money to buy your first car. In other words, you’ll get this trophy the first time you play the game.

    One Small Step

    Earn this trophy by winning your first race.

    Road to Success

    You’ll get this trophy when you earn enough points to reach Tier 2.

    Driving Rookie, Amateur, and Semi-Pro

    These trophies are earned when you reach 2nd, 5th, and 10th level. To level more quickly, try different driving techniques to get more points per race.

    Bronze Earner, Hunter, Collector, and Master

    Earning 5, 10, 15, and 20 bronze badges will get you these trophies.

    Silver Earner and Hunter

    Earning 5 and 10 silver badges will win you these trophies.

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    Silver Trophies

    nfss2 Chance of a Lifetime

    You’ll win this trophy when you get enough driver experience points to reach Tier 3.

    Driving Pro, Veteran, and Hero

    All you need to get these three trophies is to earn enough experience points to reach level 20, 30 and 40.

    Silver Collector and Master

    Earning 15 and 20 silver badges will win you these two trophies.

    Gold Earner, Hunter, Collector, and Master

    These are the tougher ones to get, but you will eventually. To earn these trophies, you will need to drive well enough to 5, 10, 15, and 20 gold badges.

    Epic Earner and Hunter

    Be good enough to earn 5 and 10 epic badges and you’ll get these two trophies.

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    Gold Trophies

    nfss3 The Final Countdown

    You’ll get this trophy when you earn enough driver experience points to reach Tier 4.

    NFS Live World Champion

    The only way to win this trophy is to earn first place in the NFS Live World Championship.

    Driving Legend

    You’ll have to put a lot of time into the game to get this trophy, but you will win it upon reaching 50th level with your driver.

    Epic Collector and Master

    When you earn 15 and 20 epic badges, you’ll also win these two trophies. Good luck!

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    Platinum Trophies

    You can earn the Platinum Trophy in this game by completing the requirements for all the other trophies. You need to beat the game to get this one.