Mount and Blade Guide: How to Succeed in Calradia - Players Guide to Mount and Blade

Mount and Blade Guide: How to Succeed in Calradia - Players Guide to Mount and Blade
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Mount and Blade

Mount and Blade is a fantastic single player role-playing game which casts the player in the role of a knight in the mythical medieval realm of Calradia and challenges them to find fame and fortune through the open ended game-play. The final retail version was released in September 2008 by Turkish developers TaleWorlds and has enjoyed a decent level of success.

What is it about?

This is third-person action with a well developed melee combat system which brings sword fighting to life. You can also ride on horseback, joust, fight with axes, spears and even crossbows and bows. Leading a band of men you undertake various missions and can join a faction in order to fight for domination of the land. There are tournaments to take part in, pirates and barbarians to fight and of course rival lords to face down on the battlefield. You can also pillage villages and siege castles and towns.

The well developed RPG system features a large overview map of the land highlighting the various villages, castles and towns. Your character can build up their skills through experience and similarly you can recruit basic soldiers and more developed companions who can also be trained up through experience. Your character has a large inventory and there are many items in the game available for trade.


The missions in Mount and Blade are varied and you can undertake missions for towns, villages, lords or kings. Successfully completed missions will earn you cash or renown and build your reputation. Eventually you will be asked to join a faction and will gain the ability to seize castles and towns and hold them in your king’s name.

The game is open ended so each time you play a new story is created and you can weave your way to victory via a number of routes. There are many features to master and the depth of the world makes it an enjoyable and immersive place to lose yourself for a few hours. While the mission choices are limited and a bit repetitive, and the visual design is slightly dated, the combat game-play is excellent. Taking part in large battles fighting alongside your troops against a range of enemy soldiers is a thrilling experience. It is about to get more thrilling because there is a multiplayer expansion pack for Mount & Blade on the way.

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