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The original Mount and Blade was officially released in September 2008. The single player adventure game was completely open-ended allowing you to carve your own path through the fictional medieval setting of Calradia. It combined elements of traditional RPGs, such as quests and an inventory, with an excellent melee combat system that allowed you to fight with swords and various other weapons.

It was a sleeper hit that spread thanks to a positive response from an appreciative audience. Part of the secret of this success was support and accessibility for the modding community. The original scope of the game was expanded by some great mods and its developer, TaleWorlds, made several additions through patches before releasing a sequel that absorbed some of the most popular new ideas.

In this guide we take a look at some handy hints and tips for the original Mount and Blade and the follow-up, subtitled Warband. The introduction of a multiplayer element took the series to new highs. If you want to get to grips with the concepts in the game and learn how to battle your way to glory, then read on.

Mount & Blade Guides

In this first section we focus on the original game. Find out the secret to a successful game, how to set up your character, deal with your inventory and become deadly on the battlefield. There are all sorts of useful tips on offer here to help you build a formidable army and march on enemy castles and towns. You’ll also learn how to build your own reputation in Calradia and turn it to your advantage to gain power.

M&B Mods and Patches

If you are interested in experiencing the rich gameplay with a few tweaks or in an entirely new setting, then you can find some fantastic mods. The dedicated modding community produced some interesting, unique and bizarre mods for the original game and you’ll find ten of the best options in this first article.

We also take a look at what was added by the final patch for the game and discuss the introduction of multiplayer which was held over for a sequel.

Mount & Blade: Warband Guides

With any successful title a sequel is inevitable, and for M&B it was Warband. The original game was expanded offering a more immersive and rich single player experience but the real addition of note was the multiplayer modes. You can learn exactly what the sequel offers in our review.

You’ll also find a series of guides to help you get to grips with the new multiplayer modes and teach you about some of the best weaponry, armor and mounts on offer. Our last two guides go into depth on your journey to become the king of your own empire. You’ll learn how to recruit and train your army, how to make money and build your reputation, and how to make valuable friends. There are also tips on how to go about creating your own faction, how to recruit lords to your cause and even how to choose a wife or husband.

Beyond the Throne

Having built a successful kingdom you may be looking for something new. In this section you’ll find the top five mods for the Warband sequel. You’ll also find a review of the newest spin-off in the series – Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword. It seeks to introduce more of a narrative into the game and it also throws guns into the mix. Finally we take a look at a roundup of the best free MMOs. One of the M&B mods makes the list but there are some other options that might appeal to you if you have exhausted the charms of the M&B series.

Are you a Mount & Blade addict? What did you think about the latest With Fire and Sword release? Please post a comment and let us know.

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