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    • Metroid Prime Boss Guides
      The Metroid series has always been known for its huge bosses, and Metroid Prime is no exception. Keep the surprises to a minimum and use this guide to help Samus Aran save the day.
    • Metroid - Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Review
      The first installment in the Metroid series is tough, but it's also a good look back at retro gaming, and it provides a great history lesson for fans of the series who want to see just how Metroid got its start.
    • Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 3
      The conclusion to Retro Studio's trilogy of Metroid adventures. At long last Samus discovers Dark Samus' purpose, but can she stop the corruption that threatens to conquer the galaxy? More than that, can she stop the corruption that threatens to destroy her?
    • Metroid Prime 2 Boss Guides
      Continuing with my series of boss guides for the Metroid Prime series, I detail strategies to help you defeat the bosses of Metroid Prime 2. The difficulty has been ramped up from the first Metroid Prime, but with this guide you should have a much easier time!
    • Metroid Prime Boss Guides, Part 2
      The second half of my guide to the baddies of Metroid Prime focuses on the more intense boss battles in the game. These alien creatures will stop at nothing to destroy Samus Aran, so do yourself a favour and use these guides to destroy them first.
    • Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 3: Part 2
      During part one, Samus battled Meta Ridley and one of her former comrades, Rundas. And now, with one Leviathan down, Samus goes off to the Skytown on Elysia to confront the next series of obstacles.
    • Metroid Prime 2 Boss Guides Part 3
      In the final portion of this guide to the bosses of Metroid Prime 2, things continue to heat up as you take on several multi-part bosses, ending up with a climactic showdown between Samus and her nemesis, Dark Samus.
    • Metroid Prime 2 Boss Guides, Part 2
      Part Two of my guide to defeating the bosses of Metroid Prime 2. As the battles get more complex, this guide will help you keep your cool against those nasty alien beasties
    • Metroid Prime Trilogy Review
      Finally, Nintendo re-releases Samus Aran's first person adventures for the Nintendo Wii, and all on a single disc! If you're considering purchasing this collector's package, or aren't sure, then be sure to check out this review!