Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 3: Mechanical Menaces

Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 3: Mechanical Menaces
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Defense Drone

This large machine will hop around, sending out shockwaves wherever it lands. When you have a clear shot, destroy the three antennae on its head to stun it, so that you may rip open its armor with your grapple beam. While vulnerable, the Drone will move around and fire orbs capable of bouncing off walls and floors while homing in on you. Destroy the projectiles and aim for the red sphere on the boss' head to deal it some damage. Eventually it will regenerate its antennae, and you’ll have to start over again to deal it some more damage.


Strafe away from Ghor as he charges at you with his glowing shield, and watch out for the plasma coating parts of the floor. To stun him,

strafe around behind him and shoot the energy pack on his back until it explodes. When Ghor is shieldless and prone, attack his head to drain his health. When you’ve reduced his health by twenty five percent, he’ll absorb the plasma and start to fire sweeping beams of plasma. Now your target will be the spot between his legs that glows blue and red. Bomb it in Morph Ball mode to stun him and open up another opportunity to attack his head.

At fifty percent health, Ghor will add a spinning attack to his arsenal. This isn’t that impressive, as you can use the Morph Ball to roll safely under his arms and his plasma beam. Attack that red/blue spot again, then his head. And finally, with only a quarter of his life left, Ghor will use a Phazon beam instead of plasma, and launch random missiles into the air. There is no longer any way to stun him, so fire away at his head with everything you’ve got to put him out of commission.



This boss possesses a variety of forms that may give you a hard time. The first of these is a spherical form which sends it rolling toward you much like Thardus did back in Metroid Prime 1. Sidestep or roll out of the way, and watch for it to change to something that looks like a disc. In this form, it will attempt to hit you with the edge of its ring-like mass, but it will also reveal five glowing spots in its center that you must hit simultaneously with five missiles. Doing so wll expose its core to some Hyper Beam induced damage. Pieces of the boss will break off following this, and each will fire beams at you. Luckily, these pieces can be destroyed for pickups.

As more damage is dealt to Helios, it will take a humanoid form, and its weak points will be visible red spots at the joints of each limb. Destroy any projectiles it lobs at you, and hop over the shockwaves it creates. To stun it for a bit, take out one of the leg joints first, causing it to stumble to the ground. When all four limbs are destroyed, you’ll have another chance to blast the core. Helios will give you more opportunities to tear into its core, but by this point it shouldn’t have too much health left.


As if Helios' shapeshifting wasn’t bad enough… In her true form, Gandrayda is quick and agile, firing energy bolts and running about all over the place. Keep her in your sights and dodge her attacks, and get in a shot whenever you can. Early on in the fight, she’ll take the form of a Pirate Aerotrooper. You know how to deal with those, so blast away with Ice Missiles. At seventy five percent health, she’ll open up the room to the acid raining down from above. No worries.

In the middle section of the fight, Gandrayda will take the forms of both Rundas and Ghor. These forms will behave the same as the bounty hunters, so see the strategies for those bosses. For her Ghor form, she won’t have the shield Ghor has in the beginning, so proceed from the point in the strategy after the shield’s destruction.

At half health, she’ll drop these forms to mimic Samus herself. She’ll use the Boost Ball and a wide Power Beam attack while she’s in this form. While she’s on her feet, Gandrayda is easy enough to hit. Keep firing until she’s left with a quarter of her health. At this point, she’ll taking to leaping about even faster than before, firing a barrage of energy projectiles at you. Engage Hyper Mode to finish her off quickly.

Metroid Hatcher

You’ll fight three of these in your travels, but only the

MP3-Metroid Hatcher

first will be a challenge. The hatcher floats about, trying to hit you with a tentacle or just plain ram into you. Eventually, it may start a spinning attack with its tentacles outstretched. Target the tentacles and hit them until all five retract into its body, then quickly fire into the beast’s mouth until you stun it. If you don’t stun it fast enough, it can spawn up to two Metroids, which you’ll have to kill before you resume the fight. When stunned, you will be able to grapple one of five points; do so, and you’ll rip a tentacle right off of the hatcher’s body. It will then resume its own attack, but with one less tentacle. Repeat this tactic, and when all five tentacles have been removed, you will have killed it.

For the latter two fights, you will have the Nova Beam in addition to the X-Ray Visor. Using the Nova Beam, you can target the core that the X-Ray Visor reveals and kill the Metroid Hatcher in a single hit.

Omega Ridley

MP3-Omega Ridley

Well, did you really expect him to be dead after that last fight? Ridley returns bigger and badder than ever, but the strategy is not that much different than the fight against Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime 1. Shoot the fireballs he tosses at you, and jump over the shockwave he creates after landing from a leap. Ridley will also open up his mouth to launch a flamethrower attack, and that is your cue to open up on his maw. Firing enough shots into Ridley’s mouth will stun him long enough to let you grapple the armor right off of his chest. Engage Hypermode and blast away, and repeat this tactic until a quarter of Ridley’s health is gone. After you damage him once, he’ll add a charging attack to his lineup. Simply dodge to either side when he opens up his wings, and you should be able to get out of the way in time.

At seventy five percent health, he’ll generate new armor over his chest which you can penetrate with the Nova Beam. Fire into his mouth to stun him whenever you can, and use the X-Ray Visor to find the weak points in his armor. While it’s tempting just to fire the Nova Beam at his heart, destroying the armor gives you the option of using Phazon weaponry to quickly take out Ridley. If he takes to the air, just keep an eye on your radar to keep track of him, and avoid the line of bombs he drops in his path while you wait for him to come back down.