Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 3

Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 3
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The Finale

Samus has come a long way in her crusade against the Space Pirates and Dark Samus. Metroid Prime 3 sees Samus joined by the Galactic Federation and some fellow bounty hunters, but despite the inclusion of so many new faces, it seems only Samus has the skill to stop this menace once and for all. Samus gets to keep most of her abilities through the opening act, and instead of new suits, Samus gains the ability to expend an energy tank in exchange for a Phazon powered Hyper Mode that depletes as she fires Phazon shots. But beware: letting the hyper meter fill to the brim spells game over for you.

Berserker Lord

As has been the trend, the Metroid Prime series will usually make your first boss battle an easy one. The Berserker Lord has only a few attacks, and your targets are labeled as clear as day. Fire away at the glowing red spots on his shoulders while dodging plasma breath and energy beam attacks. When both orbs are destroyed, the boss will launch two purple orbs at you. In Zelda-esque fashion, shoot at these orbs to send them flying back at the armor covering the Berserker’s head. Repeat this step once more to render your foe’s head vulnerable. Now the boss will go nuts, slamming the ground to send waves of fire out at you. Hop over these and blast away at his head with beams or missiles until he’s toast.

Meta Ridley

What would the end of a trilogy be without an epic battle against your nemesis? To heck with Dark Samus; Ridley has long been Samus' top foe. This time, you’ll have to fight Ridley while plummeting down a long shaft; and yes, you do have a time limit… At the bottom of your heads up display is a meter measured in, well, meters that ticks down from 17,000. I don’t think I need to say what happens if you can’t take him out before then.

As you fall, use the control stick to avoid touching the wall or Ridley’s projectiles, and fire away at his mouth with regular beam shots. As he gets closer, switch to missiles if you think you can land a good hit or a few. When Ridley gets really close, he’ll decide to grab you, which will give you some really good opportunities to land a hit. While you’re in his grip, however, keep an eye out for when he raises a glowing claw; blast it before he can take a swipe at you. After enough, damage, he’ll fall a good distance away from you and start the pattern over. Keep it up, and lob missiles whenever you think they even have a chance of hitting Ridley in the face.


This arrogant, egotistical bounty hunter is no friend to Samus anymore. Rundas will fly around on an airborne trail of ice, occasionally


stopping to fire spreading ice shots capable of freezing you. Keep a lock on him and wait for him to come down to fire away at his ice armor. When he’s stunned, you can move in to grapple his armor and rip it right off of him. Once he’s vulnerable, he’ll start to flee around the room’s many ice pillars, so chase after him for a chance to do some real damage to him. Now is a great time to activate Hyper Mode, if you have some energy tanks to spare. As he gets closer to defeat, Rundas will move around more and start swinging around great clubs of ice. These can be knocked out of his hand, but do it quick before he decides to throw them at you.


Be sure to scan the beast’s rider as well as the beast itself to fully log this boss fight. Dodge the rider’s orange energy blasts and take him out first; it won’t take much. With the beast free from its rider, the Korakk will attempt to snag you with its long tongue. Mash some buttons to break free if it gets you, and fire at its tongue to send it reeling. Its belly will light up, prompting you to roll underneath and drop some bombs to stun it. When stunned, it will fall to the ground, and you’ll have to grapple its tail to force it up onto its hind legs. Now, finally, you can shoot at the thing’s belly to deal it some damage. Again, Hyper Mode will get the job done faster. Repeat as necessary until the Korakk is defeated.



The battle begins immediately with a shockwave rushing directly at you. Jump over it and start firing at the red orbs on the boss' body. Lids will open and close over them frequently, so your best weapon is the plain old power beam. As the battle goes on, Mogenar will send illusory hands, green projectiles, or the odd laser from its head. The projectiles can be destroyed for health and ammo, and in the event of a laser strike, a well placed ice missle to the head can stun the boss for a moment or two.

Green energy around the orbs signals that they have switched places, so keep an eye out to track the one you mean to destroy. When an orb is destroyed, the empty socket will glow a bright white. Switch to Hyper Mode and fire away at the hole before Mogenar can replace the socket with a new orb. If necessary, you can blast an airborne orb before he can grab it with one of his ghostly appendages.

With a socket destroyed, Mogenar will switch things up and charge directly at you, following up with a shockwave. Before you can attack the orbs again, you’ll need to roll away from the charges and bomb the crystals covering his feet until they are destroyed, as well as getting to your feet in time to avoid shockwaves. He’ll switch to this tactic every time you destroy one of the sockets.

Three sockets on his front must be destroyed to deplete three quarters of his health, and the last is on his back.