Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime
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About the Game and Guide

Metroid Prime is a fantastic first person adventure title created by the folks at Retro studios to continue the adventures of bounty hunter Samus Aran. Now, remade as part of the Metroid Prime Trilogy collection, Metroid Prime features enhanced Wii remote controls to make for an updated adventure on par with Metroid Prime 3. Those already familiar with the games will be pleasantly surprised at all of the new tricks they can pull off with the new control scheme.

The first game in the trilogy takes place shortly after the events of the first Metroid game, and pits Samus against foes both old and new. Among these foes are some very large and imposing bosses, the likes of which will take steady hands and quick reflexes to defeat.

If you have the hints system turned on, you will quickly learn that any hints of suit or weapon upgrades may herald the coming of a boss. This should give you an indication that you should prepare for an all out battle. Take some time to seek out any energy tanks or missle expansions that you may have missed before heading off to fight a boss.

I won’t be covering any mini boss encounters, like the plated beetle in the Chozo Ruins, or the group of flying troopers found in the pirate base in Phendrana Drifts. These encounters don’t come with health bars, so usually these enemies will go down with one or two heavy hits. There will only be one exception to this.

And if this hasn’t occurred to you by now, I’ll say it in this guide. Scan everything! Some bosses possess a weak spot that can only be discovered by scanning the boss with your scan visor, so do it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some bosses will have multiple parts or forms, so be sure to look for those bright red markings denoting an important scan.

Parasite Queen

The first real battle will take place in a closed in, circular room. The humongous parasite will be positioned in the middle of the room,

surrounded by an orange force field. There will be an open gap in the field where you can fire charged shots or missles into the queen’s face. She’ll spit a stream of acid or swipe at you, so sidestep when necessary.

After a time, the field will spin rapidly around the boss, giving you few opportunities to damage your foe. Dodge the boss' attacks and wait for the field to slow down and give you an opening. Keep on firing, and the Parasite Queen will go down in no time.

Hive Mecha

This fight will take place on a small, circular area surrounded by acidic water. Just a step off of the platform and you’ll be taking some heavy damage. The mechanical device ahead of you will release a swarm of wasps at you. These wasps will very quickly circle the platform a few times, pause, then try to ram you before they resume their circling. If you’ve got a quick trigger finger, you may be able to blast them out of the air while they’re circling. If not, follow one of them until it stops, then blow it to pieces. But, of course, keep an ear out for the buzzing noise of a wasp ready to charge.

When all of the wasps are down, the mecha will open up in the center. This will be its weak point, and will even be marked by a bright red glow. Shoot quickly into this weak point to take a good chuck of the boss' energy meter. After taking damage, the mecha will close up and release another, larger swarm. You’ll have to repeat this a few times to destroy the Hive Mecha.

Incinerator Drone

Flamethrowers will spout flames from either side of the drone, and will rotate its weapons to sweep the fire about the room. The flames will reach the wall, so your best option is to stay ahead of the path of the flame spewing arms. Eventually, a glowing red eye will pop up from the top of the machine. Hit it with a missile to damage the machine and cause it to shoot flames straight up at the hive hanging from the ceiling.

With the hive ablaze, acid firing wasps will emerge to help the drone eliminate you. It can be difficult to fight wasps and dodge fire at the same time, but it is in your best interests to take care of the wasps as quickly as possible. In addition to the wasps, the arms can now pivot toward the ceiling and floor, allowing you to simply walk under the higher angled flames, and hop over the low ones.

A few rounds of this, and you’ll win the morph ball bombs from the Incinerator Drone.



The first major boss of Metroid Prime rests in a flower at the center of a large room. Around the perimeter of the room are four solar reflectors that will activate throughout the fight, and four small tunnels guarded by the creature’s roots.

When the fight begins, only one reflector will activate. Fire away at the boss to stun it, and avoid its swipes, acid bursts, and lunges. If it lunges at you, its intent will be to lay down a line of plant growth that will hurt you if you walk into it. The plant growth will go away after a few moments.

When you reach the reflector, fire a charged shot to knock it up and cut off the boss' light source. Doing so will cause it and its roots to retreat, giving you morph ball access into one of the four tunnels. Roll to the very end of the tunnel to lay a bomb, thus destroying the tunnel and dealing some real damage to Flaahgra.

In the next round, two reflectors will flip down. Both must be flipped up to make the boss retreat, and if you wait too long to flip the last one up, Flaahgra will push the first one back down. Bomb another section of the boss' base, then repeat the pattern with three reflectors down, then four in the final round.

Your reward for destroying this creature is a shiny new suit and the satisfaction of knowing that the water in the Chozo Ruins will no longer hurt you.


After a brief skirmish with a number of baby sheegoth (made much easier by the enhanced Wii remote controls) the mother sheegoth will


bust out of the wall to get some retribution. Scan her to discover her weak point, then start strafing and firing at her.

She’ll just absorb your beam shots, but in this case, that’s just what you want her to do. Having her absorb lots of energy will cause her to spit balls of ice more often. These are easy to dodge, and after every volley of ice, she’ll stop to catch her breath. It’s at these moments that you’ll want to throw a missle or two into her face.

Keep up the fire to keep her spitting at you. It’ll take somewhere around twenty missiles to put an end to the sheegoth and net you the wave beam.