Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 2: Part 3

Metroid Prime Trilogy Boss Guides: Metroid Prime 2: Part 3
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The Finale

The biggest and baddest bosses yet come your way in the final stretch of Samus' second first person adventure. Be prepared for long fights againts baddies with no understanding of the concept of mercy. Samus will soon get her most powerful weapon in the form of the Annihilator Beam, and just in time to face the ruler of the Ing. Fight on! Just a few more battles to go!

Power Bomb Guardian

Like the Spider Ball Guardian, the Power Bomb Guardian can’t be hurt by your weapons. Instead, you’ll have to climb the magnetic tracks leading from the floor to the ceiling, where you’ll find four morph ball bomb slots. Bomb each slot to take out a quarter of the boss' health. While it may seem simple, you’ll have to contend with attacking Inglets, the corrosive atmosphere of Dark Aether, and the explosive power bombs launched by the boss itself. You should have enough energy by now that this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, so just climb to a power bomb slot, bomb it, and repeat three more times.

Dark Samus (Second Encounter.)

This time around, Dark Samus will use a wider variety of attacks to try to take you down. She’ll charge up before launching herself in a boost ball-like attack, and will bounce around a bit before hitting you with one of her other attacks. Her projectile attacks include a charged blast, a beam that she sweeps around in an arc, a scattering burst, and a barrage of missiles. Dark Samus has clearly come prepared this time around!

Either the power beam or the dark beam will do the job of taking out her health bit by bit, and if you have the Darkburst weapon, use that whenever you can get a clear shot.

As the fight goes on, Dark Samus will disappear, prompting you to switch to your dark visor. At half health, she’ll become visible to your combat visor again, and will use the charging attack that she used during your first encounter with her. The closer she gets to defeat, the more often Dark Samus will disappear and reappear, so keep switching visors to finish her off.


Once again you’ll be faced with a boss chamber without any safe zones. Time is of the essence in this three part boss battle. First off,


Quadraxis will fire porjectiles at you, spin itself around like a damaging top, leap around to cause shockwaves, and use lasers to lock on to you to launch a deadly beam attack. The boost ball can be used to avoid the beam, and everything else can be avoided by jumping or strafing away.

Your targets in the first phase of the fight are glowing red spots on the base of the boss' feet. Boost into all four to make your mechanical foe’s knee joints vulnerable to super missile blasts. When the blasted leg gives out underneath Quadraxis, you’ll know you’ve dealt some real damage. Repeat for the other three legs to move on to the second phase.

The head will separate from the body, at which time you can switch to the echo visor and fire super missles at the part emitting sonic waves. Doing so will lower the barrier around the head, allowing you to hit the antennae on the head. There are four antennae in all, and you’ll probably have to destroy the emitter on the body before going after one of the antennae. Each time the shield goes down, the head will spawn a drone, so don’t forget to take those out for energy and ammunition replenishment.

Finally, with all four antennae taken out, the head will hover about the room in a circle, passing by each of the fallen legs. Avoid the missles, shots, and lock-on beams, and fire light beam shots to stun the head. While stunned, the head will move much more slowly, allowing you to climb the legs with the spider ball, and boost onto the magnetically charged head. While on the head, roll into one of the two morph ball bomb slots, and lay a bomb there. You’ll drop from the head as the bomb detonates. Do this one more time to finish off Quadraxis.

Emporer Ing

MP2-Emporer Ing

In the first phase of this boss fight, you’ll need to target the large Ing’s tentacles with your multi-target missiles while avoiding any lashes, sweeps, slams, or energy blasts they try to hit you with. If the tentacles are close to the ground, then power bombs also work. When all tentacles are destroyed, a large eye will open up to fire beams at you. The annihilator beam will do the most damage to the boss, but you’ll need to keep strafing to find openings in the barrier surrounding the eye. Once you’ve dealt some damage, the eye will close, and a greater number of tentacles will form. Repeat a couple more times, dealing with a larger number of tentacles each time.

With the first health bar gone, the Emporer Ing will form a shell around itself and cover the floor in a toxic mist that will periodically rise and fall. Use the spider ball to crawl over the surface of the shell, and drop bombs and power bombs to damage the small tentacles that pop out of glowing holes to attack you. Little inglets appear randomly, and can provide replenishing pickups. Keep bombing until you have destroyed all of the tentacles and cracked the shell.

The Emporer Ing will emerge from its shell in a huge warrior ing form, and will begin to employ the standard slashing and beam attacks you’re already familiar with. In addition, it will also use the Metroid Prime bosses' specialty: the shockwave. Fire power beam shots and missiles -charged or not- into the boss' ribcage and exposed heart. The heart will eventually change to purple or white, prompting you to use the beam that opposes the colour of the heart. While the heart is purple or white, the boss will summon Nightbarbs or light particles that you can get refills from destroying. At these times, the boss can also fire dark or light beams that will freeze you in place.

If you wish, you can also use the annihilator beam to damage the heart regardless of whether it’s purple or white. Either way, switch to the power beam when the heart is red. Keep up the assault, and don’t get too close to those claws.

Dark Samus (Final Encounter)

Are you getting tired of dark Samus yet?

Well, this time there’s a timer ticking down, and you’ll have to defeat her before it reaches zero if you want to finish this battle. Dark


Samus will dart about, shooting at you with regular shots and the occasional charged beam. Don’t waste any ammunition, as she’s completely invulnerable right now. Wait until she engages her stealth mode, then switch to the echo visor and blast her with the annihilator beam until she raises her shields again. Switch back to the combat visor and wait for her to try to become stealthy again, then lay into her once more.

When Dark Samus stops her attack and hovers to the center of the room, she’ll gather a massive amount of phazon around her for her final phase. During this phase, she’ll launch missiles at you, and spray small Phazon shots all over the place. When these small shots are launched, you can draw them in with the charge beam and fire a phazon beam right back at Dark Samus. This will disable her long enough to get a few annihilator beam shots off on her. She’ll charge herself with Phazon again after just a few short moments, so repeat the strategy until you win the day and defeat Dark Samus for good! Err… Yeah…

The End, For Now

With Dark Samus out of the way, Samus returns the light to the Luminoth of Aether and sets everything right on that planet. But as we all know, this isn’t the end of the story. There’s more fighting in Samus' future, and Samus is faced with not one, but two of her most hated foes! Stay tuned for the final series of Boss Guides in the Metroid Prime Trilogy!